Senate Ready To Move

PUBLISHED: 4:04 PM 28 Jun 2018

Lindsey Graham: Senate Ready To Confirm Next SCOTUS Nominee

"But as soon as we get a name we’ll go to work to get the person confirmed.”

Trump very excited to have second SCOTUS pick.

As soon as President Donald Trump announces his pick for the Supreme Court, Sen. Lindsey Graham said the Senate will immediately “go to work” to get the person approved.

During an interview Wednesday with The Hill.TV, Graham lamented that Democrats are about to get a major GOP surprise, saying he’s confident the Republican-controlled Senate will nominate Trump’s pick before the midterm elections in November.

“The president has a lot of good names. The ones I’m familiar with I’m very pleased with,” Graham said. “We’ll see what the president does. But as soon as we get a name we’ll go to work to get the person confirmed.”

Graham was referring to the explosive news that Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy announced he would be retiring on July 31, giving the president the opportunity to appoint his second justice to the nation’s highest court.

The historic vacancy gives Trump the chance to put a second judge on the Supreme Court, giving Republicans a strong 5-4 majority on the bench.

Graham praised Kennedy as having a big impact on the high court for three decades, but said his resignation gives Republicans the chance of a lifetime to secure the Supreme Court for a generation.

“I think he had a distinguished career and will be one of the most consequential justices of the modern era of the Supreme Court,” Graham said.

Kennedy’s retirement has sent the liberal media into a collective outrage. With liberals crying, conservatives are overjoyed because Trump will be able to nominate another conservative home-run like Justice Neil Gorsuch — who stands for preserving individual and religious freedoms.

Trump is looking to nominate someone like Gorsuch, a textualist who views the U.S. Constitution as a legal document, not something that can be interpreted based on personal and political emotions.

Kennedy was a swing-vote, meaning he was unpredictable in major rulings, despite being nominated by Reagan. Adding another Gorsuch-like judge to the high court would allow conservatives to have a strong majority on the Supreme Court, which is vital given there are so many liberal activist judges on the appeals courts who have been determined to block Trump’s orders.

Assuming he wins reelection in 2020, Trump is on the verge of nominating a total of four conservatives to the high court, giving Republicans a 7-2 majority. Get ready for liberal snowflakes to completely meltdown over this.