Lin Wood Stuns

PUBLISHED: 9:47 PM 4 Jan 2021

Lin Wood: “I Have The Key” New Tweets Claim Massive Child Crime Ring, Pence Involved

Two things: Either Wood’s tweets aren’t flagged and blocked because he’s a deep state plant, or he’s on a righteous mission and has the goods on these criminals.

It will be up to Pence. (Source: David Packman YouTube Screenshot)

Something strange happened last night. Lin Wood went full out conspiracy… and implicated Mike Pence in the pedophile, blackmail, child murder ring supposedly conducted by globalist elites.

He stated clearly that he has the evidence and asked for prayer.

Many people wonder why he hasn’t been silenced on the platform, and suspect that he is a deep state player designed to stir up a war… but if that’s the case, what has he to gain by making these accusations?

Warning: Adult Content

If this is true, God help us all, protect President Trump, and bring to light the evil, thwarting the plans of the enemy.