Trump ‘Took Guts’

PUBLISHED: 7:39 PM 11 May 2018

Lieberman Praises Trump Decision To Chagrin Of Party

Joe Lieberman’s comments on Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal are not in-line with democrat hate.

Joe Lieberman (pictured) was always one of the more fair-minded members of the left.

Former Democratic Senator Joe Liberman (I-CT) became Independent Senator Joe Lieberman due to the closed-mindedness of the party. During the Bush years, he felt that America was being made less safe by the stances of his former party, and as Breitbart News has conveyed, he is not afraid to speak up for what is right.

Lieberman said in a recent interview that he felt that when the president kept his word and pulled out of the Iranian nuclear deal, “it took guts.” He added to Breitbart Editor-in-chief Alex Marlow, “I actually think it’s a great thing. I think the president made the correct decision, and, frankly, it’s a courageous decision.” In fact, he camer perilously close to blasting Obama.

There are many who opine that Mr. Trump broke the deal and voided the value of Uncle Sam’s handshake on the world stage, but that is untrue. Iran has tested weapons and acted in other ways that had already voided the deal long before “The Donald” ever won office.

The former senator is “on the advisory board at the Gatestone Institute” and is also “chairman of United Against Nuclear Iran,” so he is no stranger to the topic. Lieberman can see that President Obama “basically gave all our leverage away” and did not halt the weapons program coming from the dangerous nation, only slowed it.

It took guts for President Trump to do what he did, but I think he did something totally in the interest of the U.S. He operated from power,” the retired Independent leader said.

There are some members of Congress and talking heads in Washington suggesting that nations like North Korea will now not trust Mr. Trump’s word. However, that is false. Iran broke the agreement, not the United States.

Plus, this was not Donald Trump‘s deal.

So will this hurt the coming talks with North Korea? “I think it’s totally the opposite,” stated Lieberman. “I think with what the president has said to Iran is also a message to North Korea, which is, ‘Unless you really denuclearize the Korean Peninsula — which is what we wanted the Iranians to do, or should have wanted them to do, what President Trump wants them to do — then there’s not going to be an agreement between the U.S., North Korea, and South Korea.”

There is nothing to be gained in obtaining peace through a deal that puts the world at greater risk in mere years because the preparation for aggression was never halted.

That is why Lieberman feels that the whole Trump approach, in Iran and elsewhere, is a win. “I think we’re in a position to create some real stability and reduce the threat level both in Asia and in the Middle East, and that’s a tremendous achievement,” he admitted.

The Jewish former senator also said that moving the embassy in Israel is not going to be the end of the peace progress in the region…if there is to even progress to be made. “If there’s going to be a peace process, the embassy in Jerusalem is not going to stop it,” Lieberman declared in the interview.

The closing part of the talk was interesting in that he was asked his feelings on Breitbart News being called “racist” when they are owned in part by Jews. “I know the positive pro-Israel record, pro-Semitic record —  if you can call it that — certainly fair record of Breitbart when it comes to Israel and Jews, and I appreciate it, and I think the majority of people appreciate it as well.”

Only a party like the Democrats could call a Jewish-owned news outlet a white supremacist site, just as it is the same party that calls black H.U.D. Director, Ben Carson, a white supremacist.

Perhaps that is why Joe Liberman departed the party long, long ago.