PUBLISHED: 7:31 PM 17 Apr 2017

Liberals Use New “Study” To Make Outrageous Claim: Infants Racist, Must Be Immersed Culturally


Are babies racist at 6 months old? A new study claims to show that infants are born with hate.

When those with no facts on their side need to find new ways to seek victimhood, things can get really strange. Take the issue of racism and the myth of white privilege, for example. Even though white America voted to elect Obama to two terms as a leader, those that need to scapegoat someone keep playing that dog-eared race card. Even though black artists have owned commercial radio since the fall of Alternative Music in the late 1990s, some within groups like Black Lives Matter insist that there is some conspiracy to hold them down or prevent their advancement based upon the color of their skin. This simply isn’t true no matter how many times they keep saying it. They only look MORE foolish with ever iteration since standing by a known falsehood is even dumber when done on purpose.

Still, there is no sympathy nor potential handouts to be had by stating facts so, according to the Daily Mail, “babies tend to be naturally racist.” Now most people with an IQ a bit bigger than a mushroom stem of all races know that children gravitate towards people who look like their parents. This is seen clearly in bi-racial couples who can attest to this, too. This is just normal and it has nothing whatsoever to do with race. People who look different and are “new” to an infant get looked at strangely by the child. A white baby will look at a white man with tattoos and body piercings with the same “racist” look of confusion, as a matter of fact, thus proving that race is not a factor.


No one can believe the new study that shows just desperate the left is to keep the fake agenda alive.

These common sense truths are lost on those at the Daily Mail who report (somehow with a straight face) “Following a series of studies, researchers have discovered that six- to nine-month-old infants demonstrated racial bias in favor of members of their own race and bias against those of other races.” They also say, “The findings are said to be a result of the overwhelming exposure infants have to their own race, and experts have warned it is wise to introduce children to people from a variety of races before the issues deepen.

Now we can have a cottage industry where more mothers and fathers seek out people based JUST UPON THEIR RACE so that Asians, blacks, whites, and whoever else can mingle. Then again, isn’t seeking someone out based only on their race in order to do anything racist? We are told it every day, and yet now, the left is sending us to that very deed. It seems that they are unsure on the matter themselves, clearly.


The racist world the progressives see with infants simply does not exist.

The Daily Sheeple sums it up best when they say that it “must be” racism for infants, “It couldn’t just be because oh, I dunno, they are babies and they are looking for people who look like their parents because… umthey are freaking babies?” They also point out the fact that they can’t cure autism (unless they limit how many shots a child gets at one time, but that too isn’t allowed to be said) or cancer, but we can cure racist thought. Maybe the reason that the cure rate is so high is because there was no racism (sickness) to start with. It is rather easy to cure a person who was never really sick, but rather, was always just a normal toddler finding life for the first time.

The waste of funding that produced some of this is from the University of Delaware. They attempted to prove that since babies can see “happiness,” fear, and any other emotion in the faces of people who they see pictures of that share their race, that inherit racism is present. An Asian group was used and their “racist” children were “afraid” of blacks, in one study. It reminds one of the Broadway play and movie, “Bali Hai” where there is a song that proclaims that racism “must be carefully taught.” The left has sued this line for years. Now, we are told we are born that way! WHICH IS IT???


The real threat to minorities is the same threat for white people and it has nothing do with race, but rather, greed. It affects the white race just as much.

The lunacy in this whole thing is that all of this is 100% normal. It is not race based but simply an expression of trepidation towards new things. That is put into us by God (“nature” for the misguided Darwinists) to keep us safe from diving into anything unknown. For this reason, a child may be scared of a certain toy or stuffed animal, too. So now, to please the left, stuffed animal fear is also racist, it seems. After all, it is the same “fear” response and is shown to something that is not even human. This fact is not mentioned in the study because it would prove that this was the biggest waste of funding in the scope of college history.

It all boils down to just one thing and that is that there is very much a force holding blacks down. Black Lives Matter, the dolts who conducted this study, and even the Black Panthers have a point: someone really IS trying to hold them down. That would be the same global elite that are oppressing the average white person TO THE SAME DEGREE! Blacks know poverty and a downgrading in life’s quality? So do whites to the same degree. Are blacks seeing that there is no opportunity or chance for advancement? Yes, but don’t blame the white man because he has done nothing wrong. He is sinking right along with everyone else.

hands of a prisoner on prison bars

How much blame should Obama get for breaking his promises about limiting misdemeanor non-violent, non-felony, “small time” offenses which ruin the records of black America and everyone else?

Blame the United Nations for putting taxes, restrictions, and fees on the energy that keeps both the black man and white man (all men for that matter) warm. Plenty of blame can, and should, go to former Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush for NAFTA which sent jobs that used to better the lives of all Americans to other lands. Obama can get some blame because he did nothing to stop the jailing of people for pot offenses, for instance. That “crime” should not even be one because it tramples one’s freedom granted to them by the Constitution. It also because destroys the records of many black youths as well as others. For that matter, blame can certainly go in copious amounts to black leaders who have taken Democratic agendas and ruined once grand cities like Detroit with them. The Democrats were in charge of the city during its whole decline, so there is no one else to blame.

As for races placing this blame on one another, while that too is protected by the First Amendment, it is not the best use of that right. Rather than use this great tool to attack one another with, maybe we should stand united aginst those who are causing this and stop acting like babies by blaming babies.