Abstinence Focus Outrages Abortionists

PUBLISHED: 11:19 PM 28 Feb 2018

Liberals Outraged Following Trump Admin’s Decision To Shift Federal Funds Away From Abortion Groups

They’re mad at the Trump administration for focusing on abstinence and “natural family planning” instead of abortion.

Just recently, the Trump administration outraged countless liberals with the release of an updated Title X application to request federal family planning funds that prioritizes abstinence and “natural family planning” over abortion.

Earlier this month, the Trump administration outraged countless liberals with the release of an updated Title X application to request federal family planning funds. Apparently, they’re upset because the government will be for focusing more on abstinence and “natural family planning” and less on abortion.

Specifically, it was recently announced that the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) will be redirecting roughly $260 million in Title X grants away from abortion clinics like Planned Parenthood and toward health care groups that offer “natural family planning methods” and promote abstinence until one’s in a committed and loving relationship.

This basically means that applicants will have to make sure that their activities not only promote “positive family relationships for the purpose of increasing family participation in family planning and health decision-making” but also emphasize the current social science research on “healthy relationships, to committed, safe, stable, healthy marriages and the benefits of avoiding sexual risk or returning to a sexually risk-free status, especially — but not only — when communicating with adolescents.”

On top of this, the updated application will also require grantees to ensure their staff annually trained to respond to threats such as child abuse, sexual abuse, domestic violence and human trafficking.

“This is a program that’s important to the administration and we think it’s really important to make some meaningful changes to extend the coverage of the program,” explained Valerie Huber, the acting deputy assistant secretary for the Office of Population Affairs at HHS, while speaking to reporters about the new application.

Unsurprisingly, the federal government’s new focus subsequently outraged numerous abortions.

For example, shortly after the new application was released, Dawn Laguens, the executive vice president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, released a statement condemning the change.

“The Trump-Pence administration is quietly taking aim at access to birth control under the nation’s program for affordable reproductive health care, which 4 million people rely on each year,” complained Laguens.

“This is a clear attempt to roll back access to the type of birth control that most women want to use,” she continued, noting, “the last thing anyone wants is for Donald Trump or Mike Pence to weigh in on her sex life — but this announcement essentially invites them into the bedroom.”

Clare Coleman, the president and CEO of the National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Association, added, “there are no references to contraception and no reference to nationally recognized clinical standards for the provision of high-quality family planning and sexual health care.”

Thankfully, those in the Trump administration aren’t the only ones pushing back against Title X funds going towards abortion. Earlier this year, for instance, Tennessee’s health sub-committee passed a piece of legislation sponsored by state Rep. Bill Dunn (R-Knoxville) doing exactly what the Trump administration just did.

Specifically, they passed a bill that would “permanently redirect Title X funds away from abortion groups like Planned Parenthood by prioritizing comprehensive health clinics” if it’s ultimately signed into law. Doing so would essentially make a measure that was previously put into place by Governor Bill Haslam back in 2011 an official law.

In an email to their followers, the Tennessee Right to Life made it explicitly clear why such legislation is important by highlighting just how much public money was being sent to the abortion provider.  

“After years of focused efforts by pro-life lawmakers and principled leadership by Governor Haslam, Tennessee successfully implemented policy in 2011 which has resulted in millions of tax dollars being redirected away from Planned Parenthood facilities in our state,” they explained in the email.

“Under Haslam’s direction, an administrative process was established which prioritizes public health departments to receive the public funds appropriated for family planning programs rather than private non-profit organizations such as Planned Parenthood,” they continued, noting, “prior to 2011, Planned Parenthood affiliates in Tennessee received more than $1.1 million dollars annually.”

And several weeks before that, the Pennsylvania House Health Committee approved Senate Bill 3 (SB 3), which is a piece of pro-life legislation prohibiting doctors from performing dilation and evacuation (D&E) abortions.

According to reports, a D&E abortion, otherwise known as a “dismemberment abortion,” is a barbaric second-trimester abortion technique that essentially involves using medical forceps to rip fetuses, sometimes limb from limb, out of their mothers. In addition to banning dismemberment abortions, SB 3 would also ban abortions after twenty weeks.

In addition to Pennsylvania, a piece of pro-life legislation was also recently passed by lawmakers in Indiana. Specifically, the Indiana House of Representatives voted 75-23 back in December 2017 to pass Indiana Senate Bill 404 (SB 404). If it’s ultimately signed into law, SB 404 would require that minors’ parents be notified of their intent to have an abortion if they try to do so without their consent.

In addition to ensuring that “parents are involved in the life-changing decision when their minor daughter seeks an abortion,” proponents of SB 404 argue that requiring parental notification will help better protect young girls from abusive situations. They also claim it’ll help keep young girls from making hasty decisions that they may later regret.

Slaughtering unborn children must not be tolerated. Hopefully, the Trump administration’s decision to shift federal funds away from abortion clinics like Planned Parenthood inspires others to do the same at a state level.