Trump Mentions Hillary

PUBLISHED: 11:09 PM 4 Apr 2018
UPDATED: 11:10 PM 4 Apr 2018

Liberals Lose It As Trump Mentions Hillary During Meeting

Liberal journalists tried to make this a huge event.

President Trump (pictured) has shown that he is not afraid to speak the truth, even on the world stage.

Many observers may wonder why President Donald Trump still has such disdain for the evils of former New York Senator, Hillary Clinton. Such people forget that it is her fake dossier that is still hounding America’s rightful leader, a fact that he has not forgotten. Since she continues to berate him, as the Conservative Tribune shows, Mr. Trump is not about to start playing nice.

The president was in the Baltic states and talking with leaders from  Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania as North Atlantic Treaty Organization funding was discussed. Mr. Trump reminded the nations that member states are to give 2% of their G.D.P. for defense spending each year, a pledge that was made while still on the campaign trail.

E.U. nations have missed this 2% mark and America’s leader said, “You look at what’s going on, Germany pays 1 percent, the United States is paying close to 4 percent (of GDP on defense),” as he spoke in the Cabinet Room, according to the Daily Caller. “The United States, as you said, is paying 80 percent of the cost of NATO. Do you think that’s fair?

Showing what a terrible injustice it is, the Commander in Cheif added, “With all of that being said, because of me and you can speak to the head of NATO, Mr. Soltenberg, he said that because of what I’ve said to the countries, they’ve taken in … many billions of dollars more than they would have had if you had ‘Crooked’ Hillary Clinton as president. That I can tell you. Many billions of dollars more.

Even though the Democrats are sure to have a conniption fit over the remark, the statement is much more kind and honest than what the former First Lady has said in regards to his leadership.

Mediate shows how some leftists responded to the truth told by the White House. NPR was mad that the statement was made in a meeting “WITH WORLD LEADERS,” but why should world leaders not hear the truth? After all, her corruption is not an opinion of Mr. Trump’s, but honest fact at this point. This was shown in how Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) was mistreated.

It is also seen in the fact that Mrs. Clinton even had the dossier full of untruths written in the first place, much less distributed and used against the president.

The New York Times tweeted that James Mattis “looked down” as the comment was said, but that may have been as much to do with trying not a smile at the facts being spoken more than any embarrassment felt.

As for the media lie that Mr. Trump is not getting hard on Russia (a myth also stemming from Clinton’s dossier), the White House made a few facts clearly known. “Nobody has been tougher on Russia, but getting along with Russia would be a good thing, not a bad thing. And just about everybody agrees to that except very stupid people. We’ve been very tough on Russia, frankly,” America’s leader said.

Mr. Trump proved his words as he talked about NATO funding which Russia utterly detests. America has not stopped this, but in some ways have bolstered it, often against Putin’s wishes.

Also, the president showed how Russian diplomats were sent packing (which is a huge blow to their families) after the poisoning death which was also an act of Russias.

What matters the most is that the U.S. is producing energy at such high levels under Trump’s leadership that America may surpass Russia in one of the only areas that they are currently doing well in. This is what happens when the global warming myth is dispelled and progress can again be made.

Even “Crooked” Hillary should be able to see that truth.