Maher ‘Popeyes’ Joke

PUBLISHED: 7:25 PM 3 Feb 2019

Liberals Just Can’t Help Being Racists: Maher Insults Black Congressman

It’s like liberals can’t help themselves from making racist jokes.

Congressman Will Hurd was insulted with a racist joke by Bill Maher.

In yet another so-called ‘tasteless’ remark, Bill Maher is under fire for mocking a GOP Congressman using a racist joke.

It’s almost as if leftist can’t help themselves from being morally offensive and using racial slurs as a way to hurt others.

HBO host Bill Maher spoke with Rep. Will Hurd from Texas and derided not only his service to the United States, but also mocked him as a black man.

“The Texas Republican appeared on the Real Time on Friday evening to discuss the ongoing battle over the construction a wall on the southern border, an idea he opposes, leading Maher to ask why he continues to side with the “traitor” President Trump.”

“I’m a Republican because I believe in limited government,” Hurd explained.

“I’m just asking why you’re Republican? Because they’re not good at the debt, that was their big thing. You said limited government, they don’t do that,” Maher contested “What’s in it for you? What is in the Republican Party for you? You were in the CIA!”

“I was in the CIA for almost a decade. I was the dude in the back alleys at four o’clock in the morning collecting intelligence on threats to the homeland.”

“That’s where you’d collect it, huh?” Maher responded. “Wow. By the Popeyes Chicken?”

The joke was a reference to an old stereotype that black people always eat fried chicken.

“As a result, the remark immediately drew anger from figures across social media, some of whom even called on Maher to quit the HBO late-night how.”

It is not the first time that Maher has attracted criticism for his flippant use of offensive language that would do any Klansman proud.

In June 2017, Maher joked that he was only a “house nigga,” after Senator Ben Sasse suggested that Maher spend time working in the fields of Nebraska.

Maher later apologized for that remark, describing it as ‘inexcusable and tasteless.’”

However, the mindset here is clear.

Many people who live in the south would be appalled by such language that Northerners like Maher apparently think is okay.

Such is the left. They are hypocrites, liars, and racists… and their history and present actions show that fact clearly.

Watch the offensive interview below: