Yawkey Way Racism Claim

PUBLISHED: 12:01 AM 2 Mar 2018
UPDATED: 12:02 AM 2 Mar 2018

Liberals Find Racism In Everything, Fenway Park Attacked

Tom Yawkey was allegedly racist, therefore the name must be changed to promote 'inclusion.'

The year is 2018 and liberals continually prove that they are offended by just about everything. This, unfortunately, includes crucial moments in history, such as long-standing monuments, and most recently, the national anthem. Sensitive leftists have now proven that they are even ‘triggered’ by street names, such as one surrounding famous Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts which is no longer ‘inclusive’ enough.

Leading up to Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox, is a street called “Yawkey Way.” Without knowing the history of the name, the average person should not take offense. However, liberals unsurprisingly dug deep enough into the history of the name and are now calling it ‘racist.’

The street is named after Tom Yawkey, who was an executive in Major League Baseball, later taking on the position of president of the Boston Red Sox in 1933.

However, just as many of the founding fathers are now being condemned for having slaves, as was the unfortunate norm in past history, Yawkey is being criticized for a “racial slur at Jackie Robinson” in 1945.

He is also guilty of being the “last one in the MLB to integrate black and white players,” which did not occur until 1959.

Due to the recent focus on these facts, which occurred decades prior, liberals have decided that Yawkey should not be ‘honored’ for having a street named after him.

The suggestion, on behalf of current Red Sox players, is to change the name back to its former, which was called “New Jersey Street.”

The current owner of the Red Sox, John Henry, has supported the ridiculous notion, however, he has suggested naming it instead after a former MLB star and African American, David Ortiz.

He defends changing the street name to promote ‘inclusivity,’ despite this not being an issue at all until recent criticism.

While there is nothing wrong with honoring deserving players, such as David Ortiz, it is absurd to change the name of historical streets just because ‘snowflakes’ do not agree with the politics of a late notable figure.