Wall Planned...For Representatives

PUBLISHED: 10:00 PM 9 Feb 2018

Liberals Explode As Committee Chair Plans Wall For Secure Spaces In House

Reports coming from members say the environment is hostile and toxic.

Dividing political staffers, congress members are looking to segregate their work force in these times of high tensions.

The House Intelligence Committee has been plagued by terrible partisan sentiment as of late. Republicans and Democrats are festering so much animosity, congressional leadership are planning to install a physical barrier separating staffers.

Constructing a wall to reduce unwanted interactions, House Republicans are hoping a physical barrier may help ease the tension felt by many. With the president still considering the release of the democratic memo, a breath of separation may do all the staffers some good.

Multiple sources have lent credence to the rumors of the upcoming barrier. Expected to be raised in the spring, many people have suggested chairman Nunes, a Republican Representative from California, is spearheading the drive for the new separation.

Proposed to be built in the middle of the common workspace, the wall would be designed to separate the Republican and Democratic staffers as they perform their daily duties. While the barricade seems counter productive to a busy open setting, the division may help people feel safe at work.

Many lawmakers have observed a complete breakdown of trust between the two political parties, and the incessant leaking does not help.

The House Intelligence Committee has witnessed over 100 leaks of confidential information. The chairman indicated that they must be coming from the Democratic members of the investigation.

Devin Nunes was investigated last year after he tried to leak information from the committee. The ethics committee investigating the chairman forced him to recuse himself from the ongoing Russia investigation for months.

After no wrongdoing was cited, the chairman was able to return to his position. Although no declaration of an investigation into the Democratic leaks has been made, an ongoing ethics probe into nearly all the Republican members of Congress is underway and does not exclude the young lady who answers the phone at the front desk.

The Office of Congressional Ethics is reported to be reviewing republican actions and looking for any form of misconduct. After accumulating evidence of inappropriate behavior, the House Committee on Ethics is briefed and may open an investigation.

Expected to provide oversight to 17 intelligence agencies, the House Intelligence Committee should be able to function in a nonpartisan way.

Ranking minority Representative on the committee, Adam Schiff (D-CA), has been turning his position into a circus. Using the media to attack his peers and spread false accusations, the president was even forced to call him out on Twitter.

Positioning himself for a Senate run, Schiff is using every opportunity to denounce his opponents and call everyone he disagrees with a Russian spy. Unwilling to hold himself to the same standards of his Republican colleagues, Schiff has drafted an intelligence memo designed entirely for media spin.

Detracting from his dubious and often nefarious behavior, Schiff is happier misleading Americans than protecting American Democracy. Hindering an ongoing investigation, Adam Schiff has already offered his opinion about a wall in the office space.

The Democrat feels the partition would only work to slow partisan progress with the tasks assigned to the committee. Displaying the first sentiments of cooperation in over two years, the Democrats may simply be interested in being able to keep an eye on what their coworkers are typing.

The investigation into the Russian election meddling has come to a screeching halt. Because of partisan infighting, the committee has not interviewed anyone since the testimony of former campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski.

Lewandowski and Steve Bannon were able to cut their hearings short. Bannon has been issued a subpoena to appear for a second deliberation but has so far refused to return.

Hesitant to issue more subpoenas, the body is lacking a means to enforce any authority over the people they wish to make testify. Because Bannon has shown contempt no less than three times, the chairman is unwilling to press his luck with Lewandowsky.

Democrats on the committee feel Lewandowski should be compelled to return like Bannon. Unable to compromise and unwilling to bend, the House Intelligence Committee has been forced to recognize an impasse when it comes to scheduling witnesses.

After the release of the FISA memo by Representative Nunes and the breaking news following, most Russian investigations around Capitol Hill have seemed to stutter. Mueller has ceased legal proceedings and committees have begun arguing over how best to classify Yahoo! News instead of hearing evidence.

The Russian hoax is failing and an office wall would help keep the democratic conspirators in the dark about ongoing investigations.