PUBLISHED: 10:15 PM 12 Sep 2017
UPDATED: 11:11 PM 12 Sep 2017

Liberals Continue Their Assault As Maintenance Worker Notices “Blood” On Historic Piece

Central Park (pictured) was the site of the latest monument defacement.

Central Park (pictured) was the site of the latest monument defacement.

Central Park (pictured) was the site of the latest monument defacement.

As the attack against all things “white” in America continues for no reason, news today from the Daily Caller tells us that vandals attacked a statue of Christopher Columbus (who is actually Spanish) in New York City’s famed Central Park on Tuesday. Now certainly, Columbus was not a great man and he did capture Native American Indians and take them against their will to Spain.

However, the dimwitted culprits who committed this crime likely did not know that (it would not justify if they did) and probably defaced it thinking that it was a Civil War monument. Or, maybe they just hated the evil “white” Spaniard.

The explorer’s statue suffered having blood applied to its hands along with the supposed to be cryptic sounding “hate will not be tolerated” and the hashtag “#somethingscoming.” Considering the low mentality that we are dealing with, it is a miracle that the threat happened without a spelling error.

It is also known that a sign also said, “save your soul” and again, “#somethingscoming.” Now New York has redundant vandals. Wonderful.

It bothers me to see [the graffiti]. It’s not positive, it’s destructive,” said one appalled New Yorker, Sheri Berger told the New York Post.

It reflects a lot of what’s going on in the world right now and this country…it’s about the unrest in the world,” she included. It is good to see someone in the liberal Big Apple standing up for common sense and history, even if Columbus wasn’t a nice man when he lived.

This in Central Park was uncalled for.

This in Central Park was uncalled for.

That’s the first thing I’ve seen in New York that makes me feel saddened and angry,” said tourist Lois Hammett from Tennessee. She accurately called the act “disgusting” and added that “We have legal ways of protesting.”

The statue was restored late by Tuesday. While that is good news, we have to wonder if the person who did this knows that if it were not for the work of Christopher Columbus, the very money and prosperity that allowed them to afford the paint to deface his edifice would not even be in their pockets?

Perhaps not.

New York’s school system is too busy just trying to teach kids not to carry weapons to class on the first day of class. That leaves little time for history, civics, and context.

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