PUBLISHED: 10:01 PM 18 Jan 2017

Liberals Calling For Punishments To Be Handed Out, Say Terrorists Can’t Be Shown As Bad People

Warren Anti America

Warren Is One Of Those Liberals That Is For Terrorist Rights

How many of you remember the terrible incident that took place in Boston back in 2013? Of course I am referencing the Boston Marathon bombings. For those that don’t remember, two terrorists decided to bomb the Boston Marathon and eventually killed four people and injured over 260 more.

Eventually the terrorists were caught and justice was restored. One of the bombers was killed during a firefight a couple days after the bombing and the other has been sentenced to death. In other words, justice has been served and the bombings brought together the people of Boston. They were “Boston Strong,” a slogan that truly captured the spirit of the event.

A little over three years later, a movie has been made about the incident. “Patriots Day” stars Mark Wahlberg and tells the story of the bombings and the manhunt for the terrorists afterwards. However because it is a pro-America film, there are liberals that are slamming the movie.

Liberal movie critics are actually slamming the movie because it portrays the United States as a force for good in the fight against Islamic terror. Yes they are slamming the movie because it is portraying terrorists as bad people. I really wish I could say this was a joke, but it’s not.


Liberals Are Actually Slamming A Patriotic Movie

Anne Helen Petersen is a writer at BuzzFeed, and she claims that the film removes context about the motives of the terrorists. No, they literally did this because they were TERRORISTS wanting to kill people! That’s enough of a reason for ANY terrorist.

“You can argue that evil needs no explanation, no contextualization. But that’s the problem with a post-9/11 film like Patriots Day: There’s a reason, and a history, for the radicalization of Islam – a history in which the United States has played an active part.” Again, she is trying to slam the movie for portraying the terrorists the way they did.

Petersen also claims that “Patriots Day” has captured the spirit of “Trump’s America,” which includes “a return to the delineation of global politics into camps of right and wrong, patriot and terrorist, winners and losers, and an impulse to flatten and otherwise ignore reality in the name of feeling good and guiltless.”

If that wasn’t bad enough, the film’s depiction of police officers is unrealistic because “there are no negative interactions with citizens, no race-based tensions, no depictions of Islamophobia in the wake of the bombings.” How anti-America can this writer get?

America is headed down a suicidal path — but it’s a subtle invasion, and not many Americans understand the full extent of the problem.

These Liberals Are Extremely Anti-America

She wasn’t the only one though, as Kaitlyn Tiffany published many of the same sentiments in her piece at The Verge. She says movies like “Patriots Day” provide a “prism through which viewers can project their own pre-conceived (and carefully catered to) notions of American heroism.”

Is she really claiming that police officers that went after two terrorists that bombed the Boston Marathon are not heroes? If that is the case, then there is an entire city that would think otherwise. These officers saved more people from getting hurt because of these terrorists.

Once again, another writer at Slate, Amy Nicholson had the same sentiments. She groups “Patriots Day” with other real-life patriotic movies, like “Lone Survivor,” “American Sniper,” and “13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi.”

Her review states that these movies “took recent-ish headlines and simplified them, and their idealized saviors, into a satisfying adventure where the good guys win – or, at least, make it clear who’s to blame.” Again they are questioning if these terrorists are really to blame.

What is with these liberals and trying to defend terrorists? They were doing this back in 2013 as well. Elizabeth Warren was adamant in her decision to say that the surviving terrorist didn’t deserve the death penalty. Really? He didn’t deserve to die for making hundreds of people suffer and flee in terror?

This movie is supposed to celebrate the heroism of the police officers that helped stop more terror attacks from going off. Why these liberals can’t seem to understand that I will never know. One thing is for certain though; these liberals have proven once again that they are never going to support the United States in anything.

Then again, liberals have always been lenient on terrorists. President Obama has released several terrorists from Guantanamo Bay just because he wants to see the detention center closed. So because he wants to see this closed, he is going to put the entire country at risk, considering that at least three of every 10 released terrorists from Guantanamo Bay return to terror activities. How nice.

Did Obama purposefully leave America vulnerable

Obama Literally Released Terrorists From Guantanamo

Not to mention that there were a bunch of liberals that actually had the audacity to demand that Trump supporters stop using the word “terrorist.” They wanted them to stop using the word because they claim it’s offensive. Yes, we have reached the point where liberals are concerned about the feelings of a terrorist. That is honestly terrifying.

Share this article with your friends and family to show them that liberals are now slamming anything that could be considered pro-America. They are literally slamming the movie “Patriots Day” because it shows the United States in a positive light and slams terrorists. How messed up is that thinking?