Women Attacked

PUBLISHED: 4:39 PM 19 Oct 2020

Liberal Violence: Women’s Marchers Attack, Beat Young Girl, While Free Speech Goers ‘Harass, Assault’ Another

Apparently, it’s just fine to attack women who don’t blindly subscribe to the illogical and vicious hatred that fuels the left.

These leftists are animals. (Source:Isabella Marie DeLuca Twitter Screenshot)

Liberals don’t care about women or protecting them, apparently. Two women were severely attacked this weekend by members of the ‘tolerant’ left.

Breitbart News reported on a woman who was attacked in San Francisco for wearing an American flag shirt:

Video shot at a protest in San Francisco shows a woman wearing a t-shirt with a U.S. flag and George Washington silkscreen being harassed, assaulted, and robbed. After stealing her property, the mob continued to taunt her as she tried to walk away.

The video shows a woman attempting to walk through the crowd that targets her, apparently for the shirt she wore. As she walked through the crowd yelled at her and blasted a siren in her face.

[Click the link to see the video]

Woman being harassed, assaulted and stolen from by Antifa
San Francisco, CA pic.twitter.com/qaRwCEwaHW

— Kitty Shackleford (@KittyLists) October 17, 2020

One person attempted to jump past her and swiped an item from the packages she carried. A second man attacked her and wrestled away one of her items. She scuffles with several attackers before a woman on a megaphone yells, “Stop, Stop, Stop.”

The woman resumes her attempt to walk away but the crowd continues to follow and torment her. As the video ends, the woman continues to be followed and harassed by the mob.

The incident occurred as multiple protests took place across the city. This particular incident happened around the quarter from a Free Speech Protest at the Twitter headquarters on Market Street.