PUBLISHED: 10:32 PM 15 Sep 2017

Liberal Universities Suffer Massive Drop As They Fail To Combat “Most Obvious Culprit”


Debra Chermonte, dean of admissions at Oberlin College, flicks through student applications. Oberlin’s enrollment has been falling precipitously since the school transformed into a haven for social justice warriors.

Coddling social justice warriors is a mistake. Universities catering to fringe liberals are now suffering from massive declines in enrollment. Americans no longer implicitly trust in the value of a college education. Families don’t want to waste exorbitant amounts of money to send their children to schools where they won’t learn anything.

America’s colleges and universities have long been tilted to the left, but the atmosphere has grown toxic. Conservatives are treated like garbage by liberal students and faculty members alike. Sometimes the agitators even resort to violence.

Social justice warfare at Oberlin has been more intense and sustained over a longer period of time than at most schools, and has come to define Oberlin in the media,” William A. Jacobson, a professor at Cornell Law School, wrote in a blog post. “The resulting mockery and derision, even in liberal publications, has damaged the Oberlin brand.”

Schools like Oberlin started encouraging students to create “safe spaces” on campus. The term sounds innocuous but it’s anything but. Colleges are supposed to expand students’ minds and prepare them for life in the adult world. Safes spaces accomplish the opposite.

“I am trying to figure out what a safe space is, because when they have them up on campus, I go there and I don’t feel very safe,” a conservative student leader told One News Now.

“If you are a white male, you are obviously very privileged. If you are conservative, you are in the wrong – you don’t want to help poor people. You believe in the American dream. So, you are not welcome there. It is not a safe place for you.”


Liberal universities and colleges are losing their intellectual rigor. Millennials don’t like to be challenged and schools are catering to that desire rather than attempting to squash it.

Anyone who wants to be shielded from challenging ideas shouldn’t attend college. Americans defeated school segregation laws decades ago, but students have begun self-segregating based on arbitrary factors.

I think that’s a terrible idea for the following reason: I don’t want you to be safe ideologically. I don’t want you to be safe emotionally. I want you to be strong. That’s different,” liberal media pundit Van Jones explained to a cheering crowd.

I’m not going to pave the jungle for you. Put on some boots, and learn how to deal with adversity. I’m not going to take the weights out of the gym. That’s the whole point of the gym.”

We’re weakening the next generation by inculcating such helpless attitudes. Students deserve to feel safe from abuse but thought crimes shouldn’t be considered attacks. Be liberal, hold wild views, but don’t attempt to silence others.

You can’t live on a campus where people say stuff that you don’t like? […]You are creating a kind if liberalism that the minute it crosses the street into the real world is not just useless but obnoxious and dangerous. I want you to be offended every single day on this campus. I want you to be deeply aggrieved and offended and upset and then to learn how to speak back,” Jones continued.


Oberlin College was a respected university before it became a hotbed of liberal violence. The school coddles its students like their babies rather than young adults.

Americans are waking up. Enrollment in liberal universities is declining because we’re getting smarter, not dumber. A school environment that encourages safes spaces and no-emotion zones is only fitting for kindergartners.

Frank Furedi, emeritus professor of sociology at the University of Kent, Canterbury, England, writes:

Safe space activism stems primarily from the separatist impulses associated with the politics of identity, already rampant on campus. For some individuals, the attraction of a safe space is that it insulates them from not just hostility, but the views of people who are not like them. Students’ frequent demand for protection from uncomfortable ideas on campus — such as so-called trigger warnings — is now paralleled by calls to be physically separated too. Groups contend that their well-being depends on living with their own kind…”