Canada's Prime Minister Issued A Special Announcement On Refugees.

Canada’s Prime Minister Issued A Special Announcement On Refugees.

While the world focuses on the liberals battle with confederate statues, the Prime Minister of Canada issued a special announcement regarding illegal refugees. Justin Trudeau, a liberal heartthrob, said on Thursday that Canada would be opening a second border camp for illegals.

Thousands upon thousands of illegals are crossing the border each week, and the first border camp in Quebec has taken on a lot of pressure. These illegals are refugees originating from Haiti and fear deportation if they remain in the US.

Here is the worst part. The Canadian government refuses to acknowledge that they are having a border crisis or that the refugee system is out of control. Even the liberal media, which usually supports Trudeau’s decisions, has started to fight back.

As the opposition increases, only time will tell if the liberals will learn their lesson. However, given their track record, that doesn’t look like it will happen.