PUBLISHED: 10:53 PM 28 Nov 2016

Liberal Stupidity: Massive Gun Control Demanded After Ohio Terror Attack


These People Are Literally Calling For A Press Conference

Ohio State University was rocked by an incident today in which a Muslim attacked and injured eight people on the campus grounds. Thankfully everyone that was attacked is expected to survive. As a result of the attack, all classes were cancelled.

Naturally this type of attack shakes people to the core. They are scared, anxious, and worried about how this could have happened. Except the Democrats have found something else to use this attack for. They have managed to turn this incident into yet another debate on gun control.

What had happened was a Muslim used a car and drove up onto the sidewalk where he had hit a couple of pedestrians that were just walking around. After he had hit those people, the Muslim then stepped out of the car and starting attacking people with a knife. Some people that were near the incident referred to the knife as a machete.

But the bottom line is that there wasn’t a gun anywhere in the story. Early reports of the attack had people saying that the attacker was using a gun. And the liberals are using this incident to push their agenda on having strict gun control.


Democrats Are Using This Incident To Push Their Agenda On Everyone

But there is one MAJOR problem with that. The attacker didn’t bother to use a gun. It’s extremely difficult to have a debate on gun control when an incident didn’t even involve guns in the slightest! Seriously think about how hard it is to involve a debate on how guns should be banned when the incident you’re referring to didn’t have a gun for the majority of it.

The only time that the gun was used was when the officer shot and killed the person that was carrying out the attacks. So to put it bluntly for liberals to understand, the gun was the reason that ONLY eight people were hurt. If they had their way then we could have been reporting on how even more people were hurt in the incident.

But there is one thing that is consistent with the stories. The attacker was a MUSLIM. And he was a refugee! The fact that they were put together means that yet the liberals are ignoring another example of Muslim violence.

Despite the fact that there is a history of violence with Muslims the Democrats turn a blind eye to it and instead rely on the fact that the attacker used a gun. But once again, there wasn’t a gun used! So those people that have tried to claim this as yet another attack on guns need to knock it off immediately.

And there have been many liberals that have used this attack as a way to enhance their agenda. Liberals immediately took to social media to tweet about how we need to have strict gun laws.

Julie DiCaro tweeted out, “This is where were are. Instead of common sense gun control, we get “run, hide, fight.” Along with that was a link to BuzzFeed and their story on the Ohio State incident. But if you want to talk about common sense, then it is important to note that there needs to be a gun present to have a discussion about gun control.


There Wasn’t A Gun Used Though

Then there was this brilliant liberal that had access to the Internet and a twitter account. John Arnold said, “Yet it’s their ‘God Given Rite’ to carry a gun?!?,” along with a thinking face emoji. He continued, “when will USA learn!! How many more need to die for change… #OhioState #guncontrol” along with a link to the story.

Again there is a big issue with this. While yes the attacker hurt people, he didn’t actually kill anyone. The only person that was shot and killed was the attacker himself. So if this person is mourning the death of the Muslim that attacked the students, then he really is dumb.


There Are No Words For This Tweet

And even then the liberals would be in the wrong! Lets go back to show how this attacker was taken down. A police officer shot and killed him with a gun! But if you want to have gun control, then the police wouldn’t have had the opportunity to save the people by shooting the Muslim attacker!

So doesn’t it seem strange to have a debate on gun control if it was a gun that saved the students and staff of Ohio State? Or you know, actually making sure that the Muslim attacker was using a gun in the first place. Instead he was using a knife and the liberals are using this as an attempt to enhance gun control.

And naturally if they complain enough, there are going to be people that are going to try and get legislation on gun control in here. They are literally using this tragedy to enhance their personal agenda. But with all the news that is coming out about this, it just shows that liberals really are stupid.

Of course this wasn’t the first time that liberals have attempted to try and use an incident to try and twist the gun control debate to favor them. Hell Hillary Clinton once promised that she would try and make an order that would allow people to sue the firearm company that manufactured the gun that was part of a crime. That is one of the most idiotic things that I can think of!

And then there was another lawmaker that thought it would be a good idea to pass a bill that would remove every single gun out there, including ones that the police have. If that were the case then the police wouldn’t have stood a chance with the attacker today. Great law right?

Share this article to show that liberals are doing what they can to twist the Ohio State narrative to fit their anti-gun agenda. The problem is that there wasn’t a gun involved in the attack! It’s kind of hard to have a debate about guns if one wasn’t present for the attack! But then again, liberals aren’t known for their intelligence.