PUBLISHED: 5:20 PM 27 Dec 2017
UPDATED: 5:51 PM 27 Dec 2017

JUST IN: Liberal States Blame Trump For Obama Denial, Lawsuit Makes Outrageous CLAIM

Schneiderman (pictured) is taking a case against the EPA when the EPA is already going their best.

Schneiderman (pictured) is taking a case against the EPA when the EPA is already going their best.

There are some facts that the left will not accept. For one, man is not warming the planet….at all. Secondly, green technologies just do not produce the energy needed in America. Perhaps this will change one day, but that day is not here yet. Certainly, smog is a concern because while we are not heating the planet, we are giving ourselves lung cancer.

Still, investment is the key to progress, not litigation. Much like non-smokers who complain if someone next door is smoking on their own property due to the wind, eight “northeastern states are suing the Trump administration for denying their request to further crack down on smog pollution from nearby states,” the Hill confirms.

The left wants everyone to pay more for energy and progress that we buy at higher rates from other lands so that we don’t produce anything in the U.S. This is a harmful theory that hurts the economy and the overall welfare of the American people a lot more than a little smog does.

The EPA is already hard at work attempting to comply with the “Clean Air Act.”

New York is leading the charge for the 8 wayward thinking states. Those in the supposed “Ozone Transport Region” are supposed to “take actions to mitigate ozone pollution that blows to downwind states,” and these 8 want the EPA to force it to happen.

Considering the amount of corruption and waste found within that agency as of late, it will be interesting to see if they are willing to risk angering an already perturbed president who has suffered from their impeding ways first hand. Already, Trump has wisely thinned their numbers and America has prospered because of it.

New York, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Vermont complain that the “Clean Air Act” is being violated. However, it could be that the “Clean Air Act” was far too restrictive and should have never been implemented as it is, also.

Millions of New Yorkers are breathing unhealthy air as smog pollution continues to pour in from other states,” complained New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. “The federal government has a fundamental responsibility to act. Yet the Trump EPA has abandoned its responsibilities — repeatedly failing to act to control smog pollution that jeopardizes New Yorkers’ health.”

The whole basis and nobility of a functional free market is lost upon people such as Schneiderman. His pockets are being lined to take this case, and the whole affair is sure to cost millions. That is millions of dollars that could have been given to those trying to make more healthy technologies a reality, and yet this capital is wasted in court!

So far, Trump has made needed changes regarding the EPA.

The EPA, for their part, are actually complying with the “Clean Air Act,” despite what certain attorneys would have us believe. “The states and the EPA have historically and effectively reduced ozone and the interstate transport of ozone pollution using these other [Clean Air Act] authorities,” the agency said.

In other words, what New York wants can not happen overnight, no matter how much they sue and no matter how much money they insist upon wasting.

If anything, such drivel may actually slow them down as it is only one more thing to deal with. Then again, to the average leftist trying to sue Trump for something – ANYTHING – logic and reason were never a factor to begin with.

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