New Jersey Gun Control

PUBLISHED: 4:47 PM 27 Feb 2018

Liberal State Attacks Second Amendment With Seven New Laws

Of course, they will only affect law-abiding citizens.

Our Second Amendment right to defend ourselves is under attack. .

The shootings in Florida and other losses of innocent life are always a terrible thing. It is not something that should be easily forgotten, accepted, or “gotten used to.” That said, acts of violence and loss of life do not warrant hacking apart the U.S Constitution or passing anti-gun measures that make us all less safe, either, which is what the U.S. is currently doing in regards to the Second Amendment.

Ammoland observes that New Jersey has terribly restrictive gun laws, and as the “neighborhoods of Paterson, Camden, Newark, and Trenton” can attest to, the results are abysmal. As last Friday was coming to close and everyone was ready for the weekend, anti-gunners with the Assembly Judiciary Committee “now scheduled a hearing on Wednesday, February 28, at 11:00 a.m. in Room 11 of the State House Annex, fourth floor” with virtually no notice. MULTIPLE BANS are to be discussed (listed below) and they don’t want the public getting a chance to see their rights ripped to threads.

One of the worst ideas is A2761 which aims to limit magazines to only ten rounds! As anyone who has ever watched a flash mob video knows, there is a very real need to have over ten shots at one’s disposal. This isn’t about safety, but fastracking our rights away.

Armor piercing bullets are to be on the ban list, even though a growing number of assailants and common criminals are wearing such armor. The street name for such armor is “Guard,” one of the companies that manufacture them.

There are “gun violence restraining orders” which could be used to take guns from lawful owners. This would apply to mere allegations, even if not convictions ever took place. The Institute for Legislative Action is going to have to address these issues if any progress is to be made.

Also, anyone who suffers so much as a need for medication to sleep due to stress could be found that health professionals no longer think that they are safe to own a gun. Not only will this make many people refuse to ever register their guns, but a lot of people who could benefit from seeking psychiatric help won’t do so knowing what it will lead to (gun confiscation).

Everything that is attempted in these bills is aimed at gun confiscation and the limiting our rights. When did being liberal become synonymous with being restrictive?

Isn’t that what the word “conservative” implies, though they are the ones trying to keep our rights intact? One of the reasons the liberal demonize the National Rifle Association is because they have fought to retain the most important liberty we have.

While the language of the culture may be a mess and in utter tatters, it is vital that, even with all but no notice given, gun owners and Second Amendment supporters show up at for this meeting.

If not, right are to become even more scarce and everyone will be a lot less safe.

Ammoland writes that:
The following bills are scheduled to be considered:

  • A2761 Magazine Ban: Reduces maximum capacity of ammunition magazines to 10 rounds.
  • A2759 Ammo Ban: Prohibits possession of so-called “armor piercing ammunition” banning most common centerfire rifle ammunition.
  • A2758 Removes right to carry: Codifies regulations defining justifiable need to carry handgun.
  • A2757 Bans private transfers by requiring dealer background checks for all private gun sales.
  • A1016 Smart Guns: Establishes commission to approve smart guns; requires firearm retailers to sell smart guns.
  • A1217 Authorizes “gun violence restraining orders” which would lead to the seizure of firearms in situations where only an allegation has occurred without any conviction. This would all occur with little to no due process of the law.
  • A1181 Requires firearms seizure when health “professionals” think someone poses risk.”

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