PUBLISHED: 9:29 PM 23 Jan 2017
UPDATED: 11:45 PM 23 Jan 2017

Man Shoots “Trumper” After Seeing Racist Tattoo…Learns Afterwards It Was Fellow Liberal Protester


Filled with passion and empty on facts, Antifa and other anti-Nazi protest groups act as Nazi’s while protesting a man who is not a Nazi.

The left in America has to be one of the most uneducated and misguided groups of (sometimes) people to ever have the gift of life given them from God. We all know that Soros and the circles of sin that revolve about him are vile, but the average tree hugger who just spent twelve years in a school and several years in (overpriced) college being lied to about how the world works knows no better.

The foot soldiers and true believers can often be forgiven. It is not so much a matter of one’s age, either, as we will soon see. The world is brimming with sixty-five-year-olds who thought that Clinton was a great candidate, so that is not the problem as much as media spin and bias is.

Sometimes regardless of the cause, stupidity can be so deeply rooted that the whole tree is poisoned. Such was the case Friday in which two anti-fascist protesters met to protest Milo Yiannopoulos, who is pro-Trump, at the University of Washington, Seattle.

It seems that not only was one of the protesters too misinformed to know that nothing about Trump’s platform has anything to do with race since fascists deport others based on race and Trump deports anyone only based upon legal status, but he could not tell an anti-Nazi tattoo from a pro-Nazi tattoo. It is being reported that “Protester A”  (as of this time unnamed) shot “Protester B” because “B” had a black swastika encircled in a “no smoking” circle…which is ANTI-Nazi. “A” actually called him “some kind of white supremacist.”



This anti-Nazi symbol was mistaken for pro-Nazi tattoo and a man was shot over it while marching with the peaceful left….who oddly enough act like Nazis.

That’s right, an idiot Trump protester who didn’t know that Trump is also anti-Nazi shot a fellow (and equally dull) anti-Nazi because he THOUGHT he was a Nazi. As an added bonus, the two great social justice warriors in question were protesting a speech to be given by a gay Englishman and a Greek Jew who identifies as a Catholic. Explaining that Hitler killed every category of person who Milo is would be like explaining the workings of a fine Swiss clock to a goldfish. After all, confusing and shooting a comrade on the battlefield is “friendly fire” but shooting one at a protest is just stupidity.

For one thing, are we now a nation that is going to start killing people over skin art, no matter how offensive it is? If so, then everyone with a Slayer tattoo is open season. Will we soon start locking up people for having tattoos or will we simply give them new ones when they arrive at the gates, just like the last Nazi’s did? The left is calling Milo and his message of unity Nazi’ish  in nature only to actually engage in the actions of Nazi’s by shooting someone who does not agree with them, if it HAD been a hateful tattoo.

The anti-fascist group “Antifa” is one of the groups in question, a group that has shut down speeches by Martin Shkreli, and they were out in full force at the event in masks and hoods. For a group that claims to hate racism, they sure are afraid to show their faces, just like the cowards in the KKK. How many hate groups can one group that is protesting hate groups emulate?

They have gunned down their comrade for what would have been free speech had he been the correct target, opposing speech is silenced, people are intimidated, hooded thugs are in the streets throwing bricks and/or paint on attendees, police are attacked along with mere cameramen, and that is not reminding them of bygone Germany in the least!

The most regrettable part about this is that America is set up to prevent this very thing from happening. A vile white supremacist is allowed to speak even if his words are as vile as a Bill Clinton joke book. The man of God may speak, the fool may speak (and speak, and speak, and speak….), and even the creepy guy with the Slayer tattoo can speak.

This way everyone is heard and violence is less prone to happen. Had the 34-year-old who was shot  – again, age is no equation for wisdom – for protesting Trumps “hate” been a real Nazi, he had the right be one. He need not be liked, SHOULD not be liked, but does according to the Constitution have the right to life so long as he harms no one in his folly and breaks no laws.

That is the biggest problem for the left, the respect for the Constitution. This is because the left is not interested in   getting along with those that do not agree. Those that think so have never read the Communist Manifesto. Such a person has never understood that Hitler was very much a socialist (a form of Communism); he simply hated outright communists for their background, not their social structure.

He stole their social structure and that is why the “Z” is in NAZI – in the Germanic tongue – for “socialism.” Surely, “Protester A” did not know any of this, but will likely have plenty of time to learn it while in the prison library.


A spiritedly effeminate, flamboyantly gay man of English/Greek heritage who is a Jew that worships as a Catholic – all five things that Hitler hated, tortured, and killed – is the left’s target for being a Nazi!

Milo himself is no stranger to controversy and he is not afraid to put a target upon his own chest to prove a point. He is not afraid to show that gays are tired of siding with the left and being shot dead as the left removes guns from a group that the same left claims is at risk. It also means that it is exposing the utter stupidity of the left as they try to mobilize against the new wave of liberty with no knowledge of the facts. Sadly it ended in someone being shot this time.

Hopefully, the man will be OK and the culprit will learn a few things other than how to dodge “Milo’s” while behind bars. If more and more of those on the left can not see how they are being lead astray, then things far worse than will happen daily.