PUBLISHED: 8:49 PM 10 Nov 2017

Liberal Reporter Sinks To New Low, Christianity Blamed As Historical Facts Ignored

Cenk Uygur appeared at Politicon where he engaged in multiple debates

Cenk Uygur appeared at Politicon where he engaged in multiple debates

The ultra-liberal host of the left-wing activist show “The Young Turks” has blasted Christianity as the cause of the Holocaust. Cenk Uygur claimed Christianity caused the death of “thirteen million” during Hitler’s Third Reich. Ironically, his show is named after a genocidal group who were known as The Young Turks.

Cenk made these remarks while embarrassing himself on a counter-extremism panel. He often raises his voice in an attempt to intimidate the other speakers. He constantly interrupts other panelists shouting condescending remarks. Cenk was clearly out of place among the intellectual panelists as the sole buffoon. Cenk often uses buzzwords like Islamophobia in order to shut down conversation, which is critical of the political ideology if Islam.

While Adolf Hitler was indeed a Christian, his movement was not in the name of his religion. Where Islamic terrorists often attack in the name of their god. Furthermore, the motivation of Hitler was not to dominate the world with Christianity. Hitler’s primary goal was the preservation of his struggling country and to bring relief to the German people.

Hitler believed Jews subverted German culture through degeneracy and undermined the German economy through usury. This drove him to expel Jews from his country and commit many to concentration camps.

The Young Turks was the name of a political party in World War I who committed genocide against the Armenian people. Between 1915 and 1923 the Young Turks were responsible for the deaths of about 1 and ½ million Armenians. This group purged the population of Armenians from Asia Minor and West Armenia by 1923.

These are children whom were taken in by near east relief during the Armenian genocide.

These are children whom were taken in by near east relief during the Armenian genocide.

Cenk Uygur currently hosts a show he has affectionately named The Young Turks where he is an extreme left-wing activist. Cenk has repeatedly denied the Armenian Genocide over the course of his career. In 1991 Cenk authored an article entitled “Historical Fact or Falsehood“ in The Daily Pennsylvanian, a student newspaper.

This article was essentially centered around the denial of the Armenian genocide committed by The Young Turks. He also wrote a letter to Salon in 1999 claiming there is no evidence of the genocide. Cenk has recently backed away from this denial claiming he does not know enough about the history to comment.

Cenk veils himself as a journalist and uses his show to promote left-wing propaganda. Ana Kasparian is Cenk Uygur’s co-host. She has made broad claims about the dangers of fat shaming in order to virtue signal. Although, during a Politicon conference she can be seen yelling at Alex Jones calling him a “fat a**.”

Ana also gave a speech about how women shouldn’t “demonize one another.” When Trump won the election however, she proceeded to degrade women who voted for President Trump saying “I have no respect for women who voted for Trump, I think so poorly of them.” Ana continued by speaking of women who voted for President Trump by saying “I just think your dumb, okay, I think you’re F****** dumb.”

After the election Cenk degrades Latinos whom voted for President Trump by saying “well, when, if, he kicks out any of your family members” gesturing with his hands to suggest they hold the blame. It would appear he believes Latino’s in America all have families of illegals here as well.

Their propaganda machine produces conspiracy theories that, while entertaining, are ridiculous. One such theory offered by Cenk was centered around the violent riots at a University in Berkely, California. Riots caused by violent leftists who smashed windows and set fires protesting guest speaker Milo Yiannopolis. According to Cenk, it may have just been right wing infiltrators causing the chaos in order to give left wing activists like himself a bad name.

Over 3.4 million people subscribe to The Young Turks on YouTube. While most of the comment sections on the videos are cringe worthy, virtue signaling platitudes, it does harbor enough trolls to provide a good deal of comedic value.

Ben shapiro pictured on the left was featured in a debate at politicon with Cen Uygur pictured on the right.

Ben Shapiro, pictured on the left was featured in a debate at politicon with Cenk Uygur, pictured on the right.

Cenk attended Politicon this year and was featured in what many considered to be the main event. He was to debate against intellectual powerhouse, Ben Shapiro. This was a mistake for Cenk, who was viewed as poorly prepared and disingenuous. At one point during closing arguments, Cenk became desperate and began chanting “USA, USA” which, hilariously enough, the crowd did not participate.