Alex Jones’ Lawsuit

PUBLISHED: 10:49 PM 13 Mar 2018

Liberal Protester Sues InfoWars For ‘Defamation’ After Viral Video

He claims that his reputation was slandered.

Alex Jones is being sued for having a point of view that a man who filmed the killing does not like and that threatens him, according to the lawsuit.

For those trying to smear talk show host and radio giant Alex Jones, accusations of white supremacy have been hurled his way. However, when real racists show up, it is clear, someone is always there to halt the Infowars founder from reporting on things as he sees them. Instead, the Prison Planet leader is taken to court and attackers hit him as harshly as liberals (and others) do, as MSN News shows today.

Jones is only one “among a number of defendants being sued for defamation by a counter-protester,” Brennan Gilmore, “from the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville who caught the death of Heather Heyer on film.” Yesterday, the suit “brought by Georgetown Law’s Civil Rights Clinic” was made known as he claims that “right-wing conspiracy theories” hounded him after he released his footage of a truck running over the victim. The accuser feels like the “victim of character assassination,” the complaint also attests to.

It is being reported that “Free Speech Systems, one-time Breitbart journalist Lee Stranahan, and Derrick Wilburn” are also being named in the lawsuit.

The suit alleges that “Defendants thrive by inciting devastating real-world consequences with the lies they publish as ‘news.’ From ‘Pizzagate’ to the Sandy Hook and Las Vegas shootings, defendants have subjected innocent people to relentless threats of violence and death, bullying, and online harassment.

Oddly enough, Jones admitted his errors involving Pizzagate, though he was quick to add that things certainly looked very strange when put into the context of when they were released (just as Democrat Podesta was found to be into satanic practices, for instance).

The founder stood by his investigations and theories when he tweeted, “Lawsuit Filed Against #Infowars For Questioning Leftist PR Surrounding Charlottesville.” It is clear to see that this not going to end with Alex Jones cowering to those who seem relentless in their quest to stop him, often because he supports President Donald Trump.

The accuser feels that his address getting out and death threats that he suffered were the results of the reporting which Infowars had done. “To this day, Brennan suffers the effects of this character assassination: his career as a diplomat has been compromised, he has lost potential partners and clients in his most recent business venture, and his social relationships have been irreversibly damaged,” contends the lawsuit.

Lee Stranahan, also mentioned in the suit, tweeted, “Dear @brennanmgilmore Now that you’ve done your public relationships campaign, when can I expect service in your lawsuit? I’ve been told you don’t even have my address. DM for it. I’m not sure your lawsuit will ever reach that point but know I do look forward to discovery.”

He seems as unshaken as Jones.

According to the Hill, Brennan Gilmore also feels that Representative Allen West (R-GA) “published stories about him that damaged his reputation and mobilized an army of followers to pursue a campaign of harassment and threats against him.” This is because some of the theories given may have been taken in ways which Jones nor anyone reporting had wanted.

Today, I’m asking a court to hold them responsible for the personal and professional damage their lies have caused me, and, more importantly, to deter them from repeating this dangerous pattern of defamation and intimidation,” Gilmore also says in the lawsuit.

Jones feels that the “lawsuit is full of misrepresentations and argues that Infowars and free speech are under attack” and also claims that the accuser is relying on “Fake quotes of articles that don’t exist, fake headlines of videos that don’t exist.

The leader of Prison Planet expounded and said that he was “honored” to be sued by Gilmore. He gives his reasoning for this statement when he added, “These lawsuits are all complete frauds. All of them and it’s all democratic party lawyers and I can’t even bring myself to say I want to counter sue them …. Cause I’m just not a piece of crap, but they started the fight.”

There has been a constant attack on Alex Jones for as long as he has been active. He give a platform for others to speak, even leftist industrial musicians like Ministry’s Al Jorgenson, yet the left sees fit to paint him as a far-right figure.

When listeners of Jones stop to recall all of the good that his empire has brought and how many minds have been shown the truth thanks to his outlets, it is good to see that he is not backing down.

Now, if only certain democrat lawyers could see this truth…