Professor Arrested For Bathroom Act

PUBLISHED: 9:20 PM 24 Jan 2018

Liberal Professor Arrested For Videotaping Student Using The Bathroom, Dispute Over Mascot

He followed him to the urinal and took video

The taping incident occurred during a basketball game at the University of Michigan.

Professors and bureaucrats on U.S. campuses across the nation have always been radically left-leaning, but now their behavior is becoming abhorrent. A campus is no longer a place for the outsider to study and question those before him or her, however, it is now simply a place for conformists to regurgitate information back to their classroom commissars. Now a rabid professor in Illinois has been arrested for his actions as he followed students he disagreed with into the bathroom to film them while they changed and used the restroom.

The University of Illinois once had a famous mascot depicted as Chief Illiniwek but the NCAA has since censored the mascot due to it being cited as offensive. Professor Jay Rosenstein was instrumental in getting the depiction of the mascot removed from the campus and became quite famous as a result. He went on to create a few films to describe the problem he was having with the offensive imagery, but he has since taken his filming to more lewd scenarios.

This is where the student in question comes in as his latest disagreements with Rosenstein’s stance on the mascot were at the center of this fiasco. Ivan Dozier is a student at the university and has been trying to reinstate what he called a tradition in the depiction of Chief Illiniwek. Dozier is the president of the “Honor the Chief Society” which looks to restore the status of Chief Illiniwek from disgraced to honored.

Obviously, this movement of free thought and debate did not sit well with Rosenstein. He likely thought that this battle was over and that people we just going to have to find a replacement for the chief. When Dozier and his friend, and unofficial mascot, Omar Cruz decided to honor the legacy of their once beloved icon by representing him at a basketball game at the University of Michigan, the lunacy of Rosenstein was let loose. Students enrolled in college must now understand that concepts of objectivity no longer apply to those who teach them as professors like Rosenstein force their way into arguments.

When Dozier and Cruz went to the bathroom to get Cruz changed into his chief outfit, Rosenstein followed. It was there that Dozier realized that this man was unfit for the position he filled as he was no longer able to argue with the student but rather tried to blackmail or humiliate him. Dozier was using the urinal when he turned around to see Rosenstein standing there with his camera pointed right at him.

This man is a renowned professor as his work has appeared on mainstream outlets across the country. However, he was so immature and rattled by the students having fun with their once beloved icon that he acted as a pervert to try and harass the two students. This behavior not only calls for his immediate termination, it should stop him from finding more work in the future.

This man is charged with sculpting young minds when it seems all he is interested in is young bodies. This is not to say that the image the two students were representing was not offensive, that was not the argument and the bathroom was the not the place to settle it. Rosenstein is a learned man and yet he thought the best route forward was to harass and film the students in the bathroom? That was the substance of his argument?

This is the kind of culture that will undoubtedly continue to be tolerated on campuses across the country. Although Rosenstein was arrested for his actions, his supervisors and peers will likely praise him for unconventionally attacking racists or something like that. The point is that Rosenstein is unhinged and he is not alone, these kinds of actions are only going to get worse as professors no longer use words to debate but are turning to punishing students for wrong-think.

It is unfortunate to think that students are no longer going to be able to safely disagree with their superiors.  The ideology that is manifested in modern college campuses is that the professors and administrators know what is best and those who disagree are wrong.  There is no longer a debate taking place as those who go against the status quo are often ostracized or singled-out for their opinions, which leads to harassment and abuse.

Rosenstein deserves the book thrown at him for his actions were not only sexist, he would not have done that to women, but they were also perverted. At the very least, all Rosenstein was trying to accomplish was trying to catch his opponent with his pants down.