Media "Souce" Lying

PUBLISHED: 7:47 PM 12 Mar 2018

Liberal News: Trump Meets With Bill Clinton’s Impeachment Lawyer To Discuss Russian Probe

The president denied rumors that he is unhappy with his legal team.

News outlets are claiming the president is meeting impeachment lawyers in the White House.

Over the weekend, news outlets began publishing a story which fueled the narrative of chaos in the Capitol. The stories became so absurd that the president was forced to take to Twitter in order to deny the allegations.

Reuters published a story on Saturday describing a hoax about hiring Bill Clinton’s impeachment lawyer. The unnamed source has been quoted by numerous liberal news sources and is being run by every major news site.

Emmet Flood is a veteran Washington lawyer. Flood advised former President Clinton during his impeachment proceedings.

First reported by the New York Times, President Trump was forced to reply early Sunday morning. The president slammed the media outlet and denied the allegations made.

Calling them the failing New York Times, the president inferred a story was purposefully written to be misleading. Deliberately creating fake news, the president named author Maggie Haberman a Hillary flunky.

The president addressed her article calling it flat out wrong. President Trump went on to thank his legal counsel.

John Dowd, Ty Cobb, and Jay Sekulow are doing a great job, according to the president’s tweet, dispelling the Russian collusion hoax. The president continued to elaborate that the only collusion during the election was with the democrats and crooked Hillary Clinton.

President Trump did not deny allegations of meeting with Flood. While Haberman is said to have no access to the White House, recent leaks indicate that Robert Mueller may be looking for ways to interrogate the president.

Not unlike Clinton being investigated for the White Water real estate and tax scandal, President Trump is coming under a partisan Special Council. While there was a mountain of evidence compiled against the former president, the public has not seen one piece of credible evidence to suggest collusion by President Trump.

The Robert Mueller Special Council has suggested questioning a sitting president.

White House officials expressed concern to Reuters over the news about an impeachment lawyer being brought on as staff. The news agency reported in July that Flood had originally been tapped for the position eventually filled by Ty Cobb as White House Counsel.

Having served the position under George W. Bush, Flood is no stranger to executive privilege. In his earlier days, Flood is reported to have clerked for the late Justice Scalia.

Flood currently works for the law firm Williams and Connolly. The same law firm which represents Hillary Clinton and is entering arbitration once again over the email server scandal.

Dowd took over the role as lead counsel from the New York lawyer Marc Kasowitz. Dowd contacted Reuters on Saturday.

Since joining the team last summer, Dowd had not been informed about the possibility of Flood joining the legal team. The experienced lawyer told the new agency Cobb had given no indication of resigning.

Cobb has expressed a willingness to stay on the team at least until the Russian investigation is over. If Flood were to join the team it would be unclear how the responsibilities of the two men may differ.

When Cobb accepted to join the White House Counsel in August, Cobb began making immediate efforts to cooperate with Robert Mueller and his investigation. The president claims he is very happy with the work being done on the Russian front.

Mueller has been forced to charge people with lying to federal agents and tax fraud in order to uncover new avenues of investigation.

The president’s legal team has been successful in turning the Russian collusion story around. With the exculpatory FISA memo produced by the House Intelligence Committee, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) has been found to be working with Russians for help in election meddling.

Being tried by democrats for their own crimes, the legal team representing the president is being targeted by the mainstream media. Fighting a relentless battle against the liberal narrative, fake news is being used to create aspersions within the legal team.

Using unverified rumors and schoolyard antics to create tension, many among the liberal left are trying to hurt the president. Trying to divide the legal team with rumors of chaos in the White House, many media outlets are openly calling for a mutiny in the Capitol.

President Trump refuses to be a punching bag for the liberal media. President Trump and his team have been extremely effective in their endeavors and still find time to combat the lying propaganda.