Sick Man Abuses Dolphin

PUBLISHED: 10:56 PM 12 Mar 2018

Liberal News Outlet Normalizes Inappropriate Animal Contact In Disgusting Article

They are implying that ‘species lines’ may be crossed.

The Huffington Post has published some fairly atrocious and horrific articles in the past, but attempting to normalize zoophilia may be one of the worst things that they ever did.

The Huffington Post has long been a leftist enclave on the internet world, and their reporting reflects their political views. They have pushed the usual leftist talking points, said the usual terrible leftist things, and generally hated anyone to the right of Karl Marx. Now, one of their senior journalists may have hit a new low.

That new low came in a recent article that was meant to be a review of the new film, the Shape of Water. The article tells exactly how horrific the contents will be with its title; a review of ‘The Shape of Water,’ from a guy who had sex with a dolphin. A man who crossed “species lines” was asked to review the film as if what he said had validity because he had sex with a dolphin. The fact that they thought this was appropriate or sane is a terrifying indication of exactly what is wrong with the political left as it currently exists.

The film ‘The Shape of Water’ won a handful of nominations and Oscars just recently, and is basically about a mute female child who eventually falls in love with a ‘sea creature,’ some sort of mermaid-ish creature that she took care of when she was younger. Eventually, the pair has sex, because somehow that’s romantic to Hollywood these days.

Because they can’t give a movie review on their own, the folks at The Huffington Post thought it would be a good idea to ask ‘journalist’ Malcolm J. Brenner to give his opinion of the film.

Many don’t remember Malcolm J. Brenner, while others never knew who he was in the first place. The ‘journalist’ became famous in the 1970s for having sexual intercourse with a dolphin.

He would later write about that ‘relationship’ in a book, Wet Goddess. He would also be in multiple documentaries concerning his ‘relationship.’

Brenner had an experience that more than a few people who have gotten to swim with the dolphins have had. The dolphin attempts to mate with a human who rubbed the dolphin the wrong way.

Brenner suggested that the dolphin came on to him and attempted to seduce him. He claims that the dolphin, known as Dolly, attempted to ‘court’ him.

Eventually, Brenner ‘consummated’ their relationship.

Most people (and courts) would consider that bestiality or ‘zoophilia.’  In many states in America, it is a crime.

Brenner, on the other hand, somehow segued his disgusting perversion into a book.

Somehow, leftists at The Huffington Post decided that they should push Brenner’s terrible ideas out to their audience. They decided that the words of a guy whose crowning life achievement was having sex with a dolphin are something they should publicize.

Brenner, for his part in the ‘relationship’ with Dolly, the dolphin (who is incapable of giving consent), felt no remorse. He has stated that he sees the taboo around zoophilia as a modern version of the taboo around interracial relations.

In the documentary, ‘Dolphin Lover,’ he said that he hoped that in a “more enlightened future,” what he did would be no more controversial than interracial sex.

The Huffington Post has published stories before of questionable value and that contain disturbing content. They explained away the publication of those stories, saying that they were published by non-staff writers who were taking part of an open-ended feature on the site that allowed people to publish without strict approval.

This is not a similar case, however. THIS article was not just published by a staff writer for The Huffington Post, it was published by Ashley Feinberg, who is listed as a ‘Senior Reporter’ at The Huffington Post.

She spent a few hours with Brenner, watching the film and then hearing his ‘thoughts’ on the content.

Likely, she should have known better than to do so, but it is The Huffington Post, after all. But it was just horrific to read her interview with Brenner and see him portray himself as some kind of martyr hoping one day to be accepted by the world for the way that he took advantage of a creature of the sea.

Years ago, someone suggested that once the democrats had won the ‘fight’ for gay marriage, they would move onto other, horrific practices.

Some suggested pedophilia would be their next goal.

Apparently, The Huffington Post is working to normalize zoophilia, to make what people like Brenner do seem normal, or like it’s something humorous.

They certainly don’t mind giving him a platform from which to portray himself as some sort of martyr who is misjudged.