Hillary Fans ‘Choked’ Up

PUBLISHED: 10:05 PM 27 Aug 2018
UPDATED: 10:06 PM 27 Aug 2018

Liberal Meltdown Follows Hilarious Depiction Of Trump, Hillary At State Fair

Despite democrats having attacked President Trump continuously for years, this was said to have gone too far by encouraging ‘domestic violence.’

Sensitive leftists were once again offended by a political attack against one of their own.

Speaking ill of the President of the United States appears to be a notable pastime among many on the left. While the attacks against President Donald Trump are outlandish, disheartening, and often downright silly, such are admittedly protected under free speech.

However, when a political attack surrounds one of their own, all hell seemingly breaks lose on the left. Such was the case in Idaho at a local fair where a GOP group displayed an admittedly hilarious depiction of President Trump and failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton which offended a democratic candidate, among others. While the backlash accompanies the usual liberal hypocrisy, it further claims that the cardboard cutout was ‘tasteless,’ ‘un-classy,’ and somehow “promote[d] violence against women.”

The offending item was a life-size doctored cardboard cutout of President Trump holding Clinton in a headlock, both making their most associated faces: Hillary expressing continuing shock at losing the election and President Trump expressing frustration at unpatriotic democrats.

The admittedly humorous piece was provided by the Ada County Republicans group and displayed at the Western Idaho Fair in Garden City, Idaho over the weekend.

While the conservative group was said to have put up the display beginning on Friday, it only survived liberal intolerance until sometime on Saturday afternoon.

Diana Lachiondo, who is running as a democrat for Ada County Commissioner, took note of the hilarious work of art and posted it to Facebook on Saturday where she wrote that it was “juvenile and pretty un-classy – not to mention that it seems to promote violence against women.”

She continued that “Like many people, I’m sick and tired of the vitriol being hurled out there. And yes – I would also call out the Democratic Party if I saw something of this nature at the dem booth.”

However, Lachiondo would have a seemingly never-ending goal of eliminating any and all political hate if she pursued such. More importantly, any republican can vouch that a vast majority of political opposition directly attacking any candidates have most frequently been promoted by the left, most specifically towards President Trump.

Where then, have politically correct activists been while the commander in chief has been ‘distastefully’ portrayed in offensive ways such as being likened to Hitler or referred to as an infant as a balloon representing President Trump as a baby was flown over a London protest?

Even more horrifically, they were seemingly nowhere to be found after ‘comedian’ Kathy Griffin posted a photo of her disgustingly holding up a bloody and severed mock head of President Trump which reportedly caused great distress to the president’s son, Barron Trump, who was 11 at the time.

That last example specifically is arguably much more violent than President Trump holding Hillary in a perhaps deserving headlock. Also notable is that democrats were not flocking to side with republicans following the backlash of their decapitated president but were, instead, suspiciously silent.

Having found their often obnoxious voices once more and being led by Lachiondo, they have since claimed that the recent portrayal of the 2016 presidential candidates has simply gone too far.

Yet Lachiondo also claimed in an update on her Facebook post that both the left and right agreed that the conservative group’s display was “petty and unacceptable.”

Spokespersons on behalf of the Idaho House and Senate Democratic Leadership have also chimed in, saying that “Domestic violence is nothing to joke about, and we are horrified that anyone would find this tasteless display humorous. Thousands of Idaho women deal with abusive relationships every day. The fact that someone decided to score some cheap political points in light of those facts is sickening.”

While domestic violence, should, of course, never be taken lightly, the remaining part of the statement is arguably overkill considering that it was only a local fair display and the horrendous ways in which leftists have attacked President Trump, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and other republican politicians and supporters.

Admittedly, several conservative politicians have come forward in opposition, “including former GOP legislator Steve Smylie and former Ada County Commissioner Sharon Ullman [who] denounced the display.”

Ullman expressed that the offending cutout was not synonymous with local community’s values, explaining that it was her who ultimately requested that the Ada County Republicans group take the display down along with any photos of it which had appeared on the organization’s Facebook page.”

Following the recent backlash, Lachiondo, who claims to be a ‘problem-solver’ on her campaign page, yet since the weekend has appeared to be more of a problem-finder, had the audacity to further say that the display was inappropriate for children and “rehash[ed] the 2016 election,” concluding that Idaho voters “just don’t have time for this kind of nonsense.”

However, liberals nationwide have continually proven that they apparently possess ample time which is best used in attacking President Trump.

While the Ada County Republicans chairman, Ryan Davidson, has yet to defend the group’s display, a spokeswoman for Idaho GOP, Mary Strow, expressed that the claims that it promotes violence are simply “over the top.”

She also noted that had the tables been turned, she would not have taken such offense that other Idahoans seemed to have from the cardboard cutout.

“It’s just politics,” Strow noted, further representing the political party which is clearly much less easily offended.