PUBLISHED: 5:05 PM 1 Aug 2016
UPDATED: 12:14 PM 1 Sep 2016

Liberal Media CAUGHT Helping Hillary Clinton…Again, But It’s Not What You Know


When working with election polls, it is very easy to skew data. For example, if I wanted my poll to represent a more liberal view, I could poll more Democrats than Republicans, and, in turn, it will inflate the number higher for Democrats.

Political pollster Pat Caddell caught Reuters in an unprecedented act of professional malpractice after it announced Friday is was dropping “neither” as an option for voters in their presidential campaign tracking polls.

After that, Reuters then went back and reconfigured those results previously released to present a complete different result, which showed Hillary leading Trump after they altered the poll. Sad.

Hillary Clinton Has Only Benefited BecauseThe DNC Rigged The Election For Her

Hillary Clinton Has Only Benefited Because The DNC Rigged The Election For Her

“This comes as close as I have ever seen to cooking the results,” said the legendary pollster and political consultant. “I suppose you can get away with it in polling because there are no laws. But, if this was accounting, they would put them in jail.”

This case is clear cut: Reuters decided to go back and revise their numbers in a formula that removes voters or allocates them towards a certain candidate. Meaning Trump was still leading in the polls, they did not like it, and decided to redo the poll to help Clinton.

Some argue this story is a joke and that it is just one poll, but therein lies the bigger problem.

The liberal media has been proven, especially with the WikiLeaks scandal, to favor Hillary Clinton and that they will do anything to help her get elected.

“What they have done is unprecedented, Caddell said. “They have now gone back and changed their results.”

Caddell cited two examples:

“On July 25, they originally reported: Trump 40.3 percent and Clinton 37.2 percent, which was a Trump margin of 2.8,” he said. “They have recalculated that now–which I have never heard of–they changed that data, to be: Clinton 40.9 and Trump 38.4, which is a 2.5 margin for Clinton.”

The July 25 Reuters poll now shows a result that reflects a 5.3 percentage point flip from the previously published results, he said.

“Now look at July 26,” he said. “On July 26 they had Trump at 41.5 percent and Hillary at 36.3. That was a 5.2 Trump margin. Then, in the new calculation, they claim that Clinton was 41.1 percent, Trump was 37.5, and the margin was 3.6 for Clinton. Same poll. Two different results. Recalculated, after you’ve announced the other results.”

“What you get is an 8.8 percentage point margin change, almost nine points swinging from one candidate, based on some phony, some bizarre allocation theory that you claim you know where these people are or you are just leaving them out,” he said. “I actually believe they are allocating them because they are claiming they are really Clinton voters and they are using something to move them to Clinton.”

Crooked Hillary Knows She Is Going To Jail

Crooked Hillary Knows She Is Going To Jail


The pollster said when you force someone to make a decision they do not want to make or are not ready to make you are contaminating the data.

“It is dangerous because it drives the news coverage and it is all by design now, which is why everyone is in such shock at what Reuters did.”""

The experienced pollster made a great point about how dangerous it is to skew these polls. When you alter them, it drives media coverage, and makes people believe a lie.


We Are Going To Make America Great Again

This is yet another reason we have to stand up and continue to challenge the liberal media. Crooked Hillary is not doing as well as the media wants you to believe. Share this so that everyone can see the media is altering polls to help Hillary. Don’t let them rig another election against the people!