PUBLISHED: 7:02 PM 12 Jul 2017

Liberal Mayor De Blasio Shamed At Funeral By NYPD As They Show Their True Feelings


NYPD officers snubbed Mayor de Blasio during his speech at a slain officer’s funeral. Days prior to the incident, the mayor flew to Europe and skipped a vigil held in the officer’s honor.

NYPD officers publicly shamed Mayor de Blasio during slain officer Miosotis Familia’s funeral. The police union has long been troubled by de Blasio’s policies, but their distrust was recently exacerbated. The mayor left the city within days of Familia’s murder and skipped a memorial service held in her honor.

She was brave…She wanted to sacrifice for us, so she did it,” Familia’s 12-year-old son Peter said at the funeral.

On July 5th the single mom of three was sitting in her patrol car when a schizophrenic cop-hater suddenly opened fire upon her, aiming into the passenger side window. The fatal shot struck Familia in the head. The murderer, Anthony Bonds, was immediately gunned down by other officers as he attempted to escape.

The funeral service was held at a large Brooklyn church thronged with mourners. Officers who couldn’t be in the church itself stood outside where large screens displayed what was happening within. When de Blasio appeared on screen thousands of officers turned their backs.

We’ve watched with horror these attacks on our police here in New York City and all around our country. It sickens us, and we know they cannot be tolerated, and we know they must end. But in fact, we must end it. It’s not a one-way street, my friends. We must help our police in every way, just as we ask them to help us in our moment of need. … They need us to be their eyes and ears. They need our solidarity and support,” de Blasio said.

The speech would have been more meaningful if the mayor hadn’t disrespected officers just days before the funeral. After Familia was killed he jetted off to give a speech in Hamburg, completely skipping multiple important events honoring the officer.

Mr. Mayor, you didn’t have to travel to Germany for a protest — all you had to do is speak in front of the men and women of the NYPD,” Sergeants Benevolent Association President Ed Mullins said.

Liberal de Blasio is following party lines by only offering lukewarm support to the NYPD. Police officers are very unpopular among liberal voters right now. In fact, NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill mentioned as much during his speech at Familia’s funeral.


Mayor de Blasio was a featured speaker at Officer Miosotis Familia’s funeral despite tensions between his office and the NYPD.

Let me tell you something,” he said. “Regular people sign up to be cops. They sign up for this job of protecting strangers, knowing there are inherent risks. But not one of us ever agreed to be murdered in an act of indefensible hate. Not one of us signed up to never return to our family or loved ones.”

So, where are the demonstrations for this single mom, who cared for her elderly mother and her own three children? There is anger and sorrow, but why is there no outrage? Because Miosotis was wearing a uniform? Because it was her job? I simply DO NOT accept that…Miosotis was targeted, ambushed, and assassinated. She wasn’t given a chance to defend herself. That should matter to every single person who can hear my voice, in New York City and beyond.”


Officer Familia’s three children were devastated. Young Peter, 12, broke into tears outside of the church. Thousands of people showed up to pay their respects to Peter’s mother.

Black Lives Matter protesters would have come out in full force if an innocent person had been executed by the cops, but Miosotis’ death didn’t inspire protests. She was an officer, but she was also a single mother to three children, two of whom are still minors. She’s the first female NYPD officer to die in the line of duty since 9/11.

Mayor de Blasio’s speech looked good on camera, but the NYPD wasn’t fooled. Democrats are beholden to a voter base that blames cops for crime, and their policies reflect that. However, the NYPD didn’t allow their spat with the mayor to cloud Familia’s funeral. The officers stood at full attention while the casket was carried by.