Judge Declares Immigrant Free

PUBLISHED: 2:12 AM 30 Jan 2018

Liberal Judge Sides With Immigrant Over Deportation, ICE Was Cruel

Criminals should not be allowed to prepare for their punishment.

Judge Katherine Forrest just made an outrageous decision.

Not long after President Donald Trump’s administration apprehended and arrested a notable illegal immigrant activist, a federal judge has ordered that Ravidath Ragbir be released from custody.

On Monday, Manhattan Federal Court Judge Katherine Forrest wrote a seven-page decision detailing how she believed Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents violated Ragbir’s rights to due process.

“The court finds that when this country allowed (Ragbir) to become a part of our community fabric, allowed him to build a life with and among us and to enjoy the liberties and freedom that come with that, it committed itself to allowance of an orderly departure when the time came, and it committed itself to avoidance of unnecessary cruelty when the time came,” Forrest wrote.

She added: “By denying (Ragbir) these rights, the government has acted wrongly.”

The apparent liberal judge wrote that Ragbir was “entitled to the freedom to say goodbye,” but he will be subject to deportation when ICE gets their hands back on him.

As previously reported, Ragbir was protected from deportation because of an Obama-era directive that provided immunity to “high-profile immigrants’ rights activists” regardless if they were in the country illegally.

Ragbir was a top leader in the New Sanctuary Coalition of New York City, a network of progressive activists who work to block efforts from the federal government to deport illegal immigrants in the U.S.

But the Trump administration has made it clear they will enforce the rule of law, and ICE will still be able to ship Ragbir back to his natives countries Trinidad and Tobago, where he belongs.

Trump’s hardliner immigration stance coupled with his commitment to securing our borders has resulted in historic levels of illegals being deported.

Rather than adhere to Obama’s lax immigration policies, the new administration has given ICE agents the full authority to do their jobs and remove anyone not here legally.

While Obama protected them for many years, Trump is committed to having illegal aliens — including top activists — deported back to their native countries.

Source: New York Daily News