Child Abuse Probation

PUBLISHED: 6:28 PM 6 Jul 2018

Liberal Judge Pardons Antifa Chapter Co-Founder With Outrageously Lenient Sentence For Child Assault

The judge called his supposed remorse ‘sincere.’

An Antifa member was given mere probation sentencing for abusing underage children.

Liberal judges have continually proven that they care more about criminals than of their victims as they repeatedly pardon heinous actions. In Portland, Oregon, a judge outlandishly considered an Antifa co-founder ‘sincere’ prior to virtually dismissing his child abuse charges.

The naïve judge ridiculously considered the suspect’s courtroom tears in determining his ruling, causing those outraged to wonder what kind of rationally-thinking person would claim such excuses regarding a predatorial monster.

Micah Isaiah Rhodes, 24, is the co-founder of an Antifa-related local chapter titled Portland Resistance, which was formed in November 2016, following President Donald Trump’s election.

It is a left extremist group which has instigated several violent protests, primarily led by Rhodes.

Unfortunately, this is nowhere near the extent of Rhodes’ negative impact on the community, as he has a disturbing past of sexually assaulting underaged children, both male and female.

In March this year, Rhodes was determined guilty of having sexual relations with both a 17-year-old girl and boy when Rhodes was, at the time, 20 and 21, admitting to charges of “felony second-degree sexual abuse” of minors.

Under Oregon law, the age of consent is 18, with the only exception being when an adult is within three years of the minor’s age.

Yet Rhodes had previously pursued both minors who were more than three years younger than him. He assaulted the female victim following inviting her to his home to watch a movie and lured the male minor through a homosexual dating app, Grindr.

Rhodes was facing up to two and a half years in prison for his crimes; however, on Monday, Judge Jerry Hodson of the Multnomah County Circuit Court ruled that the sexual deviant would not face any incarceration time, but mere probation instead.

In his ruling, Judge Hodson claimed that Rhodes appeared to be “trying to change his life,” saying that he had “grown a lot over the last couple of years.”

Disturbingly, Hodson’s ruling is generally consistent with the Multnomah County court’s sentencing, as “defendants found guilty of crimes of the sort Rhodes committed” are often sentenced to probation.

However, Deputy District Attorney Bumjoon Park opposed the sentencing considering Rhodes’ “history of sexual molestation of children, his rebelliousness, and inability to modify his behavior even after attending sex offender treatment programs three times.”

When he was 14 and 15 years old, Rhodes was found guilty of sexually abusing and sodomizing at least four boys as young as nine.

Rhodes also allegedly has a drug problem, including meth use.

Rhodes’ attorney, Jon Sarre, excused his client’s prior conduct, blaming such on Rhodes’ own abuse which he was subjected to as a child. Sarre claimed that Rhodes’ had been sexually assaulted when he was a minor and was even “forced into the sex trade.”

His lawyer continued that Rhodes had made significant ‘strides’ in his recovery and was no longer a threat to children.

Rhodes also pleaded with the judge to receive probation for his crimes, as he openly cried in court.

In failing to consider Rhodes’ victims and other children potentially in danger, Judge Hodson ridiculously took pity on Rhodes: the leader of a violent resistance group and a child abuser.

Hodson also mandated that Rhodes was to once again attend “sex offender treatment” which appears to have failed in the past.

However, it is the judge and Rhodes’ attorney’s lack of concern for future potential victims which are most concerning.

Sarre may blame Rhodes’ actions for his own assault, yet doing so in pardoning a criminal only allows the cycle to continue.

The judge’s misguided belief that Rhodes is rehabilitated and remorseful is also horrifying. If Rhodes was as ‘sincere’ as the judge believed him to be, then he would have rightfully served his short sentence as a small price to pay in what he has done to innocent children.

The only truth and reasonable statement that Judge Hodson claimed to have made was that Rhodes had indeed ‘grown’ since he began assaulting minors, earning himself a growing criminal record.

All such means is that Rhodes, if allowed to remain free without proper treatment, will only get increasingly older than his intended victims if he continues to target minors.

However, it appears that those in Rhodes’ defense are willing to take the risk of endangering additional children who he may very likely target.

Investigators and watchdog groups have determined that such similar child abuse occurs with disturbing frequency within “radical leftist movements.”

Yet this is typical in yet another liberal jurisdiction where Antifa-associated sex offenders’ welfares are considered above that of innocent children.