PUBLISHED: 5:50 PM 2 Jan 2018

Liberal Journalist Panics Over Armed Secretary Photograph, Debate Goes Viral

Journalist Barbara Starr has some interesting opinions about the 2nd Amendment.

Journalist Barbara Starr has some interesting opinions about the 2nd Amendment.

It is no big news at this point that CNN, and most mainstream media, is biased against President Trump. What continues to amaze is that they are willing to let their journalists report fake news and rage about the liberal agenda when it hurts the outlet’s credibility. Nothing is too outrageous if it might paint the president or his administration in a negative light.

Enter Barbara Starr, a Pentagon correspondent for CNN. In a tweet that has sparked a viral debate, she appeared to panic over a picture of the Secretary of the Navy. The photo showed Secretary Richard Spencer visiting marines and sailors in Afghanistan for the holiday. The problem for Starr was that Secretary Spencer was carrying a gun in a holster.

Some facts here are vital. Starr has been covering national security since 1988, almost three decades. Her biography on the CNN website states;

“Starr provides viewers with the latest national security news each day from the Pentagon, working her sources to report on the military campaigns against ISIS, investigations in terror attacks and military and intelligence operations.”

Needless to say, this is someone who should know the ins and outs of national security and war. She should also know that Secretary Spencer was a Marine for six years and likely knows about guns. He may even be licensed to carry a firearm, Starr doesn’t seem to know those facts, however.

In addition, she doesn’t acknowledge that the secretary was in a war zone. Whether it is usual for visiting diplomats to arm themselves or not, should the many be faulted for wanting protection? That became a huge part of the argument on social media.

Naturally, Starr was not the only liberal decrying the secretary’s decision. Publications like Business Insider and The San Diego Tribune jumped on the liberal boat with statements such as;

“But other war veterans thought it was strange to see President Donald Trump’s pick to run the Navy and Marine Corps toting a firearm overseas.”

Pointing out that he is President Trump’s appointee has little use except to try and use hatred for the president against anyone associated with him.

The outlets say that it isn’t clear if the secretary has firearms training or received the permission to carry the gun. They stated that he would have gotten training during his service but specifically pointed out it wouldn’t have been with the weapon he was photographed carrying.

They neglect to say they have no clue if he does have the training or did receive permission. That would not fit their narrative so is not important. The truth and fair reporting are quite blasé these days.

Source: Bearing Arms