Soros' Dem Contribution

PUBLISHED: 6:52 PM 5 Jul 2018

Liberal Investor’s Significant Campaign Contribution Drawing Controversy

Soros has now donated $700,000 towards Gillum’s campaign.

Liberal investors are attempting to sway election results with their outlandish campaign contributions.

Democrats have once again demonstrated the level they are willing to stoop to in securing election victories. Such is occurring in Florida where one currency manipulator has donated significant funding to a leftist candidate with a specific goal: to ensure that Florida’s electoral college will favor the democratic candidate in 2020’s presidential election.

In his campaign to run for governor, Tallahassee, Florida Mayor Andrew Gillum has successfully earned the support of investor George Soros and other Hollywood elites as they back this plan.

While Florida’s current governor, Rick Scott, is running for Senate, both democrats and republicans are fighting to take control of the governor title in this year’s election.

Among such includes, Gillum, whose platform rests on liberal promises such as increasing minimum wage and state-funded healthcare. He claims to be “the anti-establishment progressive in the race.”

He and others running for governor may have their sights set on winning in 2018; however, the ultimate goal most importantly pertains to the 2020 presidential election. With democratic officials elected, the swing state of Florida would more likely favor the democratic candidate.

Realizing that such scheming begins at this level, non-politicians have stepped in to support leftist candidates.

George Soros, a successful Hungarian investor has recently funded such efforts in his continued attempt to back Gillum’s campaign. He recently contributed $250,000 towards it, now totaling a staggering $700,000 in funding.

Gillum’s campaign has also attracted the attention of other Hollywood celebrities including actors Alec Baldwin and Alyssa Milano.

Both attended “a Hollywood fundraiser in March” to which “Gillum was the beneficiary of.”

On Friday, another leftist activist, Tom Steyer, donated $1 million to Gillum’s campaign, and Soros’ son, Alex Soros, has also contributed $50,000 towards the cause.

Yet the controversy behind the politically motivated campaigning continued when one of Gillum’s opponent’s, a fellow democrat and real estate investor, Jeff Greene, vocalized his criticism of such campaign funding.

He addressed such by explaining that excessive political funding does not make for a fair election, as investors such as Soros and Steyer would essentially run the state, rather than the politician who they are supporting: Andrew Gillum.

Greene explicitly said, “If you want to have Florida be managed by George Soros and whatever he wants, regardless of whether the governor likes it, and Tom Steyer, then you can go with Andrew Gillum.”

This cannot be denied, especially expressed by a democrat himself, Greene.

However, he is not the only opponent or supporter who has taken note, both on the left and right.

Such financial meddling interferes with the people’s ability to elect their chosen politicians, not influenced by outlandish funding.

Unfortunately, this is consistent with typical liberal behavior, as they consider the outcome of the 2018 election and its effect on that of the one in 2020.

Both conservatives and liberals realize the importance of the impending 2020 election considering the media’s continued slandering of President Donald Trump despite the positive advancements he has made for the nation’s safety, economy, and global relations.

Continuing to hold irrational grudges against President Trump, democrats are fighting harder than ever reclaim control over the White House.

However, Florida liberals are especially focused on this goal, given that election results could favor either party in the swing state.

Most importantly, Florida has gained significant attention follow the Parkland school shooting which instigated recent liberal pushes for additional gun control in the state and throughout the nation.

With nearly all democratic politicians fighting to infringe upon or entirely repeal the second amendment, they are depending on Florida’s electoral college vote for the leftist candidate.

Regardless of this shared goal, those opposing Gillum are condemning him for accepting the staggering amounts of funding which may secure his election.

However, it is not shocking of Gillum or his contributors considering that liberals will take any measures to win an election, allowing them to push their agendas.

One of his opponents, Florida Commissioner Adam Putnam, a republican, was among those who vocally opposed non-politicians’ attempts to “influence the election.”

He is fully within his right to criticize the sneaky associated democrats considering Putnam’s admirable campaign pledge to support the second amendment and veterans.

Putnam and other opponents are surely hoping that the financial funding will not affect the election’s outcome out of sheer justice. However, if Gillum secures the title of governor, all democrats will be celebrating the outcome in hopes that it will threaten President Trump’s re-election.