Middle School Shooting Leaves Liberals Baffled

PUBLISHED: 9:01 PM 2 Feb 2018

Liberal Gun Control Fail, Middle School Student Shoots 2 Others

All the gun laws can’t keep these type of tragedies from happening.

A 12-year-old girl shot two of her classmates in gun-tight California.

School shootings are sadly something that America has come to expect. As the culture falls and promotes the worst of us, the worst of us are bred. Ever since Columbine, the trend seems to be something that is become its own dark reality, lurking like a time bomb. What is not expected, however, if for the culprit to be 12 years old!

Breitbart News has confirmed that a pair of students were shot in Los Angeles at the Sal Castro Middle School. Not only is the child in custody only 12-years-old, but female.

Both of the students were wounded and both were 15-years-old, according to CNN. Thankfully, the BBC has reported that the Los Angeles Police Department does not believe that there is still a threat posed now that the incident is over.

The BBC also tells us that “11-year-old boy, a 12-year-old girl, and a 30-year-old woman reportedly sustained minor injuries, with abrasions to the head and face but were not shot.”

This shooting stands out because California has some of the strictest gun laws in the U.S. Even if one admits that this won’t stop a truly dedicated criminal, it could be thought at least at a 12-year-old girl would not be able to get one.

Perhaps she got it from a legal gun owner, a fact that may spur the anti-gun crowd to want to take all guns, but that too will fail. There are enough guns already in the nation that criminals will always get them, even very young ones.

As the dust settles, we have to remind ourselves that the weapon is not to blame. The effort that is being used by some to blame guns would be much better used to figuring out what kind of life or mental state led to such a girl wanting to shoot her classmates.

Bullying is likely, though at this time that is not confirmed. This issue is so out of hand (which it has been for at least a generation) that First Lady Melania Trump has made it her flagship issue.

In time, we will hear all of the tragic details and everyone will blame “the other side.” Until we stop doing so and stop blaming guns for what those who have them do, things will not improve one bit.

Instead, the culprits will just get younger and younger.

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