Anti-Trump Group Sues

PUBLISHED: 5:44 PM 11 Apr 2018

Liberal Groups Sue To Block DOJ’s Terrorism Report For Being Offensive To Muslims

Anti-Trump groups sue to black DOJ's terrorism report because it's unfair to Muslims.

Anti-Trump groups say DOJ's terrorism report is unfair to Muslims.

Two anti-Trump groups are suing the Department of Justice over an accurate report that found that 73 percent of individuals convicted of international terrorism over a 15-year period were foreign-born, according to the Media Research Center.

The two groups, Muslim Advocates and Democracy Forward, claim the Justice Department’s January 2018 report is unfair to Muslims.

The report found that 73 percent of the 549 people convicted of international terrorism between 2001 and 2016 were born outside of the United States.

In the lawsuit, the groups are requesting federal judges to analyze the accuracy the report and whether President Donald Trump’s administration fabricated its findings.

If successful, the lawsuit could set precedent for anti-Trump groups to push back against future government reports from the president and his administration.

They argue the DOJ’s report intentionally perpetuates a stigmatization of Muslims and immigrants. They claim the DOJ fabricated the findings to justify the Trump administrations travel ban, which prohibits foreign nationals from six terror-ridden nations from legally entering the United States.

The groups are essentially arguing the report should be blocked so foreign nationals from those six nations can flood into the U.S.

Interesting enough, the word “Muslim” never appears in the DOJ’s report, and “Islam” was only used twice — once to describe the Islamic State terrorist group and once to generally describe the “Islamic caliphate.”

That illustrates the DOJ report wasn’t racially or politically motivated at all, and did nothing to unfairly target Muslims. Just shy of 80 percent of people convicted of international terrorism between 2001 and 2016 were foreign-born — that is a statistical and verifiable fact.

Despite the two groups claiming the report is inherently racist and unfair to Muslims, it doesn’t appear they have a strong case.

The lawsuit is more ideologically driven and aimed at attacking the Trump administration and less about people having their feelings hurt over an accurate report.