PUBLISHED: 8:17 PM 22 Nov 2017

Liberal Group Sues Police, 1st Amendment Violations Against “Peaceful” Protesters

The American Civil Liberties Union of Arizona is suing the Phoenix Police Department for failing to release records regarding the protest surrounding the Trump rally earlier this year.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Arizona is suing the Phoenix Police Department for failing to release records regarding the protest surrounding the Trump rally earlier this year.

On August 22, liberal activists came from around the Phoenix valley to protest the Trump rally. President Trump arrived in Arizona earlier that day to speak at the Convention Center in Downtown Phoenix.

The event started off peaceful, with anti-Trumpers chanting and congregating with signs and inflatable figures of Trump in Nazi garb and Joe Arpaio. Thousands of Trump supporters who came out to support their president had to pass walls of protesters to get inside the Convention Center. Strong opinions were exchanged between sides, yet for the most part, everyone acted civilly.

Though there was no harm done, liberals are attacking the police force for their so-called violent response. The American Civil Liberties Union of Arizona is suing the Phoenix Police Department for not yet releasing public records regarding the incident, claiming the police are refusing to do so. They filed a lawsuit with the Maricopa County Superior Court earlier this week. The civil rights group claims they should have received records by now, along with any video footage from that evening.

Protesters outside the rally in Phoenix.

Nearing the rally’s end, an altercation broke out between protesters and police. Objects were thrown, and a scuffle began. Officers responded with pepper spray, rubber bullets, and flashbangs, or sound bombs.

Several protesters were arrested and some injured, but no serious injuries or fatalities occurred. Cuts and bruises were the most common complaints.

Phoenix police prepare for any potential situations at the Trump rally protest.

Many Phoenix protesters from the event have reached out for support from the ACLU in fighting back against law enforcement. Protesters claim that the police did not support their right to protest, as several were injured and many more could have been.

The ACLU backs these claims and defends the protesters, claiming law enforcement “failed to perform its duty.”

According to Police Chief Jeri Williams, protesters allegedly instigated the incident by throwing gas bombs and rocks at the police, forcing officers to respond. Videos have been released which show objects being thrown at officers, which protest supporters still claim happened the other way around.

The police department stands behind its men, arguing that they acted appropriately considering the situation. Do activists wish that the police had not responded at all? The protest could have escalated and become much worse had they not.

Phoenix police are working to complete the necessary documentation and be done with the liberal nightmare. They say that they are “In the process of reviewing records.”

In a statement, the police department said, “It has always been our intention to release the review and associated records as quickly as possible.” They are currently working on about 80,000 other record requests at the same time. The ACLU of Arizona is also demanding training materials and weapons the officers used to prepare themselves for the event, which will make the process take longer.

Liberals protest against “Not My President.”

Police say they should have a review released for the ACLU in a few weeks. The records, however, will not be released until after an action report has been completed, which can be expected by the end of 2017.

This appears to be a reason from the left just to give police bad press. The department said they would release the records as soon as they were able to, yet charges are still being filed against them. The police department also wants the process to be completed as quickly as possible to keep left-wing groups happy and far away.

Liberals are arguing that the police attacked the crowd “indiscriminately,” including children and disabled individuals. It is common knowledge that protests have the potential to become violent and it is a personal choice to attend. Police officers carry shields and wear helmets and bulletproof vests, after all. Though the left wants everything equal to everyone, they must admit that for safety reasons, perhaps this was not the type of environment suitable for children and those who are not able to make a quick escape. Imagine if the altercation became deadly.

An officer in protective gear keeps the peace in the midst of a protest.

Ironically, protesters and the ACLU are going after the police for not carrying out the legal process quicker, when protesters themselves acted illegally. It is ridiculous, Liberal logic for those seeking protection from the law to not also abide by it.

Police officers in Phoenix were simply upholding their duties the night of the rally. At the end of the day, however, they kept everyone safe as no one was badly hurt. Liberals and civil rights groups are upset that law enforcement fought back against civilian misconduct, though it is their job to do so.