Clinton Ally Busted

PUBLISHED: 8:54 PM 25 Apr 2018

Liberal Group And Clinton Adviser Accused Of Shielding Sexual Harassers, Retaliating Against Victims

Top Clinton ally accused of covering up and allowing sexual misconduct at her firm.

Top Clinton ally busted for running company that shielded sexual predators.

Neera Tanden, the president of the Center for American Progress and a top ally to Hillary Clinton, has been accused of shielding sexual harassers and fostering a toxic culture that subjected victims to punishment for speaking out, according to BuzzFeed News.

BuzzFeed reports that 19 former and current employees at CAP have made allegations against Tanden and the company for protecting sexual predators and punishing those who dared speak out against inappropriate behavior.

CAP is a far-left think tank that heavily focuses on defeating conservatives and promoting progressive values. Tanden is also a staunch supporter of Clinton and served as her top adviser for many years at the Department of State.

Tanden has denied the allegations, but 19 women coming forward with similar stories about the culture and perverted behavior is very serious.

One staffer, who wished to remain anonymous, said she left CAP by sending an expose to the top officials at the organization. It detailed the numerous times she faced sexual harassment from a manager on her team named Benton Strong.

She wrote that Strong’s predatory behavior was well-known at the company, and that Tanden and others knew he was preying on women.

Here’s part of her memo, which was provided to BuzzFeed News:

“On several occasions, myself and others on the team felt as if reporting had been a mistake and that the retaliation, worsening of already tenuous team dynamics, and treatment by supervisors outweighed the seemingly positive act of reporting sexual harassment in the workplace.”

Later in the memo, the woman said she also told Tanden and other senior CAP officials that Strong had been sending her lewd text messages that made her feel unsafe at work.

In one text, she said Strong messaged her that he wanted to perform oral s** on her, and made comments about bl**jobs and meeting for drinks privately together.

At least two other women filed similar complaints at the company against Strong, but Tanden and other top officials refused to take any action. Instead, the women said the allegations were swept under the rug and that they were threatened to “keep quiet” when discussing the allegations.

Speaking to BuzzFeed anonymously, another employee excoriated Tanden and said she created and allowed the culture of fostering predatory behavior and using intimidation tactics to make victims fear coming forward.

The source said the Clinton ally also installed a “do-nothing” policy, where allegations against colleagues were often swept under the rug to ensure senior officials didn’t have their career “tarnished.”

How pathetic. So the woman who has been close with Clinton for many decades not only allowed women to be sexually harassed and abused by perverts at work, Tanden also forced victims into silence. Sounds like she takes after Clinton and enjoys silencing women who dare speak out against wrongdoing.