PUBLISHED: 7:34 PM 14 Jul 2017

Liberal Activists Storm Lake To Demand 2 Fisherman Let The ‘Emotional Child’ Go


A crazed animal rights activist verbally harassed two fishermen for catching a fish. The man became so irate that he grabbed the fish hurled it back into the water.

Prepare to see one of the most ridiculous videos of the summer. A liberal nut job lost his cool on a couple of Florida fishermen and compared their activity to child murder.

Watch below:

Perhaps the most surprising fact about the encounter is that the crazed man seen assaulting two innocent people is the one who posted the video. Mike Leaming, an animal rights activist, feels like his insane behavior was not only justified, but praiseworthy.

For those who don’t want to give Leaming the satisfaction of watching his video, he and his family encountered two peaceful fishermen and decided to verbally, and then physically, attack them. The encounter became so charged that the fishermen were forced the call the police.

Leaming begins the assault by sending his nine-year-old son to scold the man.

Do you know fish feel pain?” the boy asks, pointing to a large tilapia flopping at the fishermen’s feet.

When you hook them in the mouth, it really hurts them,” the child continues. His father then springs into the altercation.

Are you really going to let this fish die like this? What if this was a dog and I hooked it in the mouth and threw it into the water?” Leaming asks incredulously?

Some people might have laughed in Leaming’s face, but the two men remain calm and polite. “We respect your opinion,” Bob Hope, one of the fishermen, tells Leaming.


Tilapia are among the most popular fish in the world. In a vegan world, fishermen would be cruel, but that world isn’t ours. No American should feel ashamed for catching his own food. Fishing is a time-honored pastime.

Not content with comparing the tilapia to a dog, Leaming next compares the fish to a child.

Would you react the same way if it were a human child?” he asks.

Bob’s friend replies: “This isn’t a human child.”

Because it’s not. It’s a fish. A particularly tasty fish that’s consumed all over the world. Vegetarians and vegans won’t win anyone over by treating meat-eaters like they’re murderers. Man evolved to eat meat. It’s acceptable to choose to abstain yourself, but you shouldn’t try to force your choice on other people.

Leaming, however, is so certain that he’s right that in response to the fisherman explaining that the tilapia is just a fish he blurts out: “They have the same ability and emotions of a human child….”

No, actually they don’t. Leaming’s belief that fish have the same abilities as human children is not very complimentary to his son.

The worst part of Leaming’s behavior comes at the end of the encounter. After screaming at the fishermen one last time, the lunatic grabs the tilapia and flings it back into the water. Outraged, Hope and his friend threaten to call the police.


The backward-cap wearing idiot on the left started screaming at strangers in front of his nine-year-son because he dislikes fishing. He feels strongly enough about the issue to attack people who don’t support his view, yet he lives in Florida and goes places where peope might be fishing.

Call the police! I just saved a fish’s life, how about that? How about that?” Leaming shouted in response.

By the time officers arrived, Leaming was gone. The video evidence was useless as Florida law dictates that a second-degree misdemeanor must be witnessed by an officer in order for charges to filed. Stealing a fish isn’t a serious enough crime for law enforcement to start an investigation.

“I only shared it on social media because the police officers did nothing to protect my rights,” Hope told reporters. “If there were people fishing all over the lake, and these people showed up, that’s a protest. We were fishing by ourselves when we were ambushed. That’s not a protest, that’s harassment.”

Hope and his friend were absolutely harassed. Animal rights activists are the worst kind. They frequently attempt to shame people into agreeing with them. If someone didn’t have a moral problem with catching fish, why would they suddenly change their minds because someone stole one of their catches?

Like many liberals, most animal rights activists seem to be addicted to fake activists.