Levi On Gun Control

PUBLISHED: 5:58 PM 5 Sep 2018
UPDATED: 6:00 PM 5 Sep 2018

Levi Strauss Funding $1 Million Gun Control Campaign

In 2016, the CEO sent an open letter to customers requesting them not bring firearms into its stores. Recently, he followed up with an opinion piece announcing the campaign.

Levi has allocated $1 million towards gun control measures while claiming to support the second amendment.

Capitalism in American is a beautiful concept in allowing business owners to decide how they run their own companies. However, this liberty has resulted in countless liberal organizations using this to their advantage in their ridiculous campaigns pertaining to social justice warrior missions such as equality and gun control.

While Nike disgustingly announced Colin Kaepernick to be an ‘icon’ of its 30th anniversary as a company, Levi Strauss, also this week, revealed that it would be allocating $1 million towards gun control efforts. Although this may be admirable to those who desire ‘common sense gun control,’ the CEO’s announcement of this anticipated ‘unpopular opinion’ includes the typical liberal justifications that make so little sense it would appear that the company is trying to go out of business.

In November 2016, Levi Strauss’ CEO, Chip Berge, released an open letter in which he pled with customers to not bring guns into its stores regardless of the legality of doing so in the state in question.

Using tragedies from Paris, France to Orlando, Florida as examples, Berge claimed these too ‘close to home’ incidents, as well an accidental discharge which occurred in a Levi store where, thankfully, no one was hurt, to be reason for such a request.

Berge then claimed that “firearms in our stores creates an unsettling environment for many of our employees and customers,” and concluded that, “It boils down to this: you shouldn’t have to be concerned about your safety while shopping for clothes or trying on a pair of jeans. Simply put, firearms don’t belong in either of those settings.”

Gun-hating liberals would surely applaud such horrendous logic, while anyone with a desire to live would argue that firearms do belong in situations such as shopping malls, as a mass tragedy could occur anywhere.

Interestingly, however, the Levi CEO, perhaps unknowingly, acknowledged this in also saying in the letter that, “We also know that trying to enforce a ban could potentially undermine the purpose of the ban itself: safety. With that in mind we’ve made the decision as a business – a request not a mandate – and we sincerely hope responsible gun owners will respect our position.”

Such a statement is similar to that which could be uttered from someone who otherwise is not concerned with a legally armed citizen so long as it does not alert and ‘unsettle’ nearby liberals of such.

Unfortunately, Berge’s recent move indicates the opposite. In his recent announcement in which he has said to have no desire “to repeal the second amendment” with, will partner with Everytown for Gun Safety in a $1 million campaign against gun violence.

In taking upon this campaign, Levi is reportedly seeking to outlaw private gun sales such as those between close friends and family members.

Yet still calling the company “a pioneer of the American West and one of the great symbols of American freedom” and claiming his second amendment advocacy behind his former position as a U.S. Army officer where he “took a solemn oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States,” Berge has proved otherwise in partnering with the Michael Bloomberg-funded company.

The one million dollar campaign, titled the ‘Safer Tomorrow Fund,’ will use the allocated funding “over the next four years to fuel the work of nonprofits and youth advocates who are working to end gun violence in America.”

In addition, the company is said to be expanding its paid time off volunteer program “to include political activism” which may include advocating for gun control.

While the attempt to combat any type of violence is noble, Berge continued with the typical anti-gun statistics which neglects firearms being used to protect innocent lives.

Yet in the recent announcement, the Levi Strauss CEO continued that firearm advocates are somehow the dangerous individuals to be concerned about in claiming that following the publishing of the 2016 letter, gun owners became violent and that he faced “threats to our stores, our business, and even my life.”

While Berge may fear for his own life, so do millions of law-abiding Americans who simply wish to make it to home to their families every day.

Considering the violence which has plagued unsuspecting societies, an increasing level of civilians have opted to carry and would prefer that large corporations not deem their businesses ‘gun free’ and certainly do not support additional gun control measures which only affect the law-abiding gun owner.

Unfortunately, companies such as Levi Strauss, among others turning increasingly left, claim to be “support[ing] a greater good,” as it said to have been doing in its other equality missions such as “offer[ing] benefits to same-sex partners in the 1990s” and pulling its “financial support for the Boy Scouts of America when it banned gay troop leaders.”

If only the liberal fantasy of gun-free zones proved to be true then this could help Levi stores be safer places. However, signs prohibiting such have yet to have the effect that a trained, armed citizen does in stopping a violent individual.