Letter Exposure Harms Military

PUBLISHED: 4:39 PM 28 Feb 2018
UPDATED: 4:43 PM 28 Feb 2018

Letter Opened At Military Base Triggers Hazmat Situation

At least a dozen military members exposed to a mysteriously letter have fallen ill.

Military personnel were harmed by the letter.

Federal authorities are investigating a harmful situation at the at Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall after at least eleven individuals fell ill and three were immediately taken to the hospital.

A hazmat situation was reported Tuesday night on the base in Ft. Myer, Virginia after several officials in the administration building reported feeling very sick after being exposed to a mysterious substance on a letter.

Firefighters were the first unit to arrive at Henderson Hall, the headquarters of the U.S. Marine Corps, where hazmat units arrived at the scene shortly thereafter.

The letter that was opened in the administration building reportedly contained a hazardous substance, which led to an immediate evacuation and deployment of several emergency units.

At least three individuals were immediately taken to the hospital to be treated after being exposed to the dangerous substance. They are reportedly in stable condition, but their sickness concerned medical personnel.

Arlington Fire, one of the units who responded to the military base, tweeted that, “11 people started feeling ill after the letter was opened” in the building.

U.S. Marines personnel reported that “preventative measures” were taken to ensure those affected were treated and evacuated from the building.

“Several Marines are receiving medical care as a result of this incident,” they tweeted.

A news release from the military base indicated the affected building had been investigated and cleared late Tuesday evening.

Joint Base Police Department officials are working with local HAZMAT teams, NCIS and the FBI,” the news release stated. “The letter was removed, and NCIS and FBI are conducting a joint investigation.

The letter featuring the dangerous substance was taken to the FBI lab at Quantico for further examination.

It’s unclear at this time what the substance was, but the fact that at least eleven people reported feeling sick immediately after being exposed to the letter is very alarming.

Source: Fox News