PUBLISHED: 3:47 PM 19 May 2017

Less Than 1%: Judicial Watch Bombshell Report Shows Drastic State Of U.S. Homeland Security


The expensive US VISIT technology does little to help the problem.

The U.S. government has once again proved they are completely inept when it comes to completing important tasks. Blame weak presidents or party politics, either way, 15 years after 9/11 and they still haven’t fixed the problem that allowed the horrible attack to occur.

The terrorists involved used the feeble visa program and the government’s inability to track overstays. Despite that blatant fail, the Department of Homeland Security has not managed to fix the system since then.

According to a new report by Judicial Watch, only about 0.4% of visa violators get busted each year. The report was issued earlier this month by the DHS Inspector General. Judicial Watch reviewed and reports it was mysteriously pulled from the IG’s website. No reasoning has been given for the abrupt disappearance.

Congress did attempt to repair the antiquated tracking system after the 9/11 attacks. They spent five years and at least $1 billion to create the U.S. Visitor and Immigrations Status Indicator Technology (US VISIT). That would have been time and money well used on national security; if it worked.

Much of the devastation that day was caused by terrorists who had overstayed their visas undetected.

A few years after the system was implemented it was reported that almost half of America’s illegal aliens were here as a result of overstaying their visas without detection. In 2011 another report showed millions of visa stays had been violated.

2013 saw DHS losing track of 266 foreigners they considered dangerous. Despite their expired visas, the government could not track down these people who “could pose a national security or public safety concerns.”

The new report, although missing currently showed how bad the problem truly is. The DHS Inspector General identified over half a million visa overstays. Authorities have managed to catch a shockingly low 3,402. As if that weren’t serious enough, the ones who did get apprehended were often found to have faulty information in the government’s system. The report states, “In some cases, the individuals arrested had been reported in DHS systems as having already left the United States. Because this information was not recorded, ICE personnel were unable to provide an exact number when asked during our audit.”

President Trump is scrambling to clean up this mess but in this case, we are talking about millions of cases and no reliable system to track them. Not surprisingly, little was done during the Obama administration to address this national security risk. The report confirms, “there is a backlog of 1.2 million expired visa cases.”