Trump Address Sparks Fury

PUBLISHED: 6:39 PM 8 Jan 2019
UPDATED: 6:42 PM 8 Jan 2019

Lefts Goes Ballistic: Trump National ‘Emergency’ Address Already Reported As “Lie”

Although the president hasn’t even performed his national address yet, the media and many democrats have already stated that Trump will deliver a speech filled with what they consider ‘lies.’

The president may declare a national emergency tonight during his address, which is a move that has plenty of precedence.

President Donald Trump announced yesterday that he will address the nation this evening concerning the border crisis and government shutdown related to it. Such an announcement was enough to trigger some dark presence in liberals and spark vile attacks from the left.

Initially, most networks were considering not airing the national address. As bizarre as that seems, they relented, but now have focused on repeating their opinion that the president’s speech will be filled with falsehoods.

Before he has said one word, the Washington Post created an entire piece based on the opinions of one man, Mike Ananny, an “expert” in media and technology at the University of Southern California, who claimed that the airing of the address with give a platform to “somebody who is known to lie a lot.”

Many people are confused about that statement. What lies is he specifically referring to?

It could be that he meant the WaPo list of ‘fact-checking’ that lists the president’s so-called falsehoods. This writer read through it, and was surprised to see so little actual fact. Most of the ‘rebuttal facts’ were largely opinion.

Likewise, USA Today has an article entitled, “9 Things You Should Know Before Trump Starts Spewing Lies In Tuesday’s Address…” Seriously.

Get a load of just a few of them:

“The White House is lying about terrorists crossing the border; Migrant caravans aren’t ‘sneaking’ across; Conservative Think Tanks think the wall is pointless; the counties along the southern border are among the safest in the country.”

Of course, none of the real issues are address there, such as illegal alien crime rates, the cost to the federal government for illegal immigrants, and other major concerns.

The real reason the left is going nuts over this address seems obvious to anyone who can think logically. They are terrified of the American people, who have supported a border barrier for decades (along with democrats like Schumer before Trump became president) and elected Donald Trump to get the job done.

The rumor is that the president will lawfully declare a national emergency in the border crisis.

Not only has this action (if he does it) been done in the past on a number of occasions, no one denies the fact that it is exactly his job.

President Trump has the authority, but the shrill, demonic-like screams from media ‘personalities’ and ‘reporters’ are ignoring that truth, and prefer to claim that the ‘lies’ he ‘will’ tell must somehow be counteracted.

In fact, career democrats Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer demanded “equal” air-time to offer their ‘version’ of the facts.

If the president does declare a national emergency, many people predict that democrats would immediately file a lawsuit in highly leftist California. Some Obama-appointed judge would issue an injunction and call the move unconstitutional, where the ruling would then be upheld by the Ninth Circuit, and the case would go to the Supreme Court, where the fate of the nations would rest in John Roberts’ hands.

Roberts would be able to uphold the law, or he could tow the deep state line like he did with Obamacare and in other decisions.

Vice President Mike Pence told reporters that declaring a national emergency is being considered.

“What I’m aware of is they’re looking at it and the president is considering it,” Pence said.

Since democrats absolutely refuse to negotiate on border security, and the amount of drugs, child traffickers, and outright invaders continue to pour into the country, there seems to be excellent reason to do it.

The facts seem very clear to people who have the ability to think, those not simply brainwashed by the liberal agenda. The president is not backing down on policy that Americans overwhelmingly want.

Get ready for the liberal meltdown.