PUBLISHED: 10:53 PM 12 Jan 2018

Leftists Plot ‘Refugee’ Right To Vote, 2016 Act Incudes All Legal Residents As Major Upset Planned


The government in Scotland granted immense power to itself in order to ensure the integrity of elections. Now they are planning to allow refugees to vote so that those pesky Scottish nationals stop complaining about their country being run into the ground.

The government in Scotland granted immense power to itself in order to ensure the integrity of elections. Now they are planning to allow refugees to vote so that those pesky Scottish nationals stop complaining about their country being run into the ground.

Power hungry progressives have become radicalized in the year of 2017 and their rhetoric is only getting more dangerous. Rather than address real issues surrounding their nations, liberals and progressives in Western nations are instead choosing to go even farther left and feeding into the faith-based “religious” identity that has become the modern left. Now progressives in Scotland want to give refugees the right to vote in elections because apparently, Africans deserve the same rights as Scots in Scotland.

The idea is simple in that liberals and progressives are using migrants to stir emotions and get people to stop using logic. They paint a picture of poor and starving refugees washing up on the shores and begging for help which causes many to rethink their positions. However, the reality is that many of these migrants bring criminal and dangerous elements with them to the nations and their failure to assimilate is only making matters worse.

The liberals and progressives of Europe have long been the ones that inspire the radicals in the United States to go forth with insane policies. Their strong desire now to let anyone above the age of 16 vote in Scotland is a troubling one because it will not be long until the radical left in the U.S. start to demand the same. Rather than listening to the issues that conservatives bring up in order to sway their opinions, they simply shut down the conversation because to them anyone who opposes open borders is a racist and probably deserves to be killed.

Nicola Sturgeon is the First Minister of Scotland and her promise to allow refugees to vote is causing many to worry. Why do those who did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to earn their citizenship get the right to vote in a nation? Progressives are literally removing borders before our very eyes and replacing voters without even skipping a beat.

That is the rationale in the world today as the political spectrum has caused two different realities for people to choose from. One reality is that these insane policies carried out by dangerous Marxists are causing harm to the nations and the other is where anyone who wants to protect their nation is a bigot. Words like bigot, racists, xenophobe, and Islamophobe are used to justify the lack of communication from leftists and even allows for violence.

The radical left has been working hard to declare anyone who disagrees with them as a Nazi or bigot. This gives them the moral high ground in that they can call for you right to free speech to be taken away because hate speech is not protected. This is the future that Democrats and progressives want to push on everybody as there is either following the party’s stance or being labeled a racist.

The danger that the progressive pose to the people of Scotland is a very real threat. They are effectively saying that anyone who lives in Scotland should be able to vote because it is their home now too. This would give the right to a 16-year-old African migrant to vote about policies that affect elderly Scottish people. If they get enough votes then they can do anything they want and the actual residents of Scotland will not be able to do a thing.

One has to see by now that this the plan for the future of progressive and liberal parties of the future. They plan to change demographics so much that they will never lose another election again as they will simply keep allowing more and more people the right to vote. If they are already suggesting this in Scotland then it will only be a matter of time before Representative Pelosi or Senator Chuck Schumer calls for the same.

The attack is taking place on the system that keeps Western nations standing firm. Eventually, Democrats and progressives will be stating that any immigration policy is racist and those who want to keep standards in place should be beaten because they are obviously Nazi racists. The reality that progressives and Democrats keep praying for is one where everyone who disagrees with them is silenced or killed because they are racists.

Scotland giving random refugees the right to vote in their elections is incredibly dangerous and should be stopped immediately. No longer should demagogic talk from inexperience liars be tolerated as all they are trying to do is grant the right to vote to people who will vote for them. The results would catastrophic in that all it would take is enough votes to completely change everything about a nation and that is exactly what the radical leftists plan to do.

Scotland has been changing itself rapidly over the past several years to appease their Muslim guests. Does one really think that a Muslim woman, who continues to wear the hijab in a Western nation, will truly be able to thwart a Muslim male criminal if they had to? It’s not in their culture to question the actions of men and yet now Muslim women are the ones carrying out investigations.

Progressives and radical liberals see themselves as immune to the problems they create because they believe they will be safe in their ivory towers far away from the danger they are creating. However, once they are no longer needed they will be cast aside and the room will be made for others to take their place.