PUBLISHED: 11:14 PM 31 Dec 2017

Leftists Demand “Heirs Of Nazism” OUSTED, Blatant E.U. Attack On Country Begins

Former French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner cited "Nazism" as the reason why Austria should not be able to take up their rightful place with the Presidency of the Council.

Former French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner cited “Nazism” as the reason why Austria should not be able to take up their rightful place with the Presidency of the Council.

The European Union is a political body that despises the concept of sovereignty. This powerful collection of globalists have long used their clout and wealth to ensure that their policies are enforced and alternatives are silenced. Now the European Union is claiming that there are signs of National Socialism in the new Austrian government and for that their upcoming presidency term should be banned.

The European Union allows their member states to rotate the presidency of the Council, the collection of all the heads of state and allows certain countries the rights to appoint the presidency. This time it is Austria’s turn to pick a leader and their new conservative government has many nervous.

Mainly French officials like former Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner claim that Nazism is the reason why Austria’s upcoming presidency must be boycotted. He cited times in the past when Austria had sought to gain powers and sanctions were put on them and called for the same to happen again. These parties that united in Austria to form a government did so by calling for a stop to the unchecked Muslim migration that is taking its toll on Europe.

The border of Austria has been incredibly tense as more and more migrants are coming from Italy to the Central European Nation. The Army has even been deployed at points to try to handle the situation.

Christmas markets were no longer safe from attacks now that hundreds of thousands of young Muslim males made their way to Europe via an invitation from Angela Merkel. The European Union allowed for the migrants to flow over the borders illegally and making anyone who raised an eyebrow feel ostracized and possibly punished.  That is why so many have felt as though they must vote in the leaders they want to stop this immigration because the European Union will never listen.

The fact that there is open talk for a sovereign nation to lose their right to hold the presidency of the Council shows that the European Union has no interest in the rights of their members, only control. That is the ultimate desire of the globalists that have been manipulating the power of the European Union over the years to transform it from a wonderful tool used for nations into a power-hungry regime.

Although the new Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz ran on a platform of immigration reform, he has a pro-European mindset. This means that he is not a skeptic of the European Union and recognizes that it does have benefits as well as costs. This is a much different tone than the leader of the far-right party he teamed up with as their message has been less polite.

Sebastian Kurz (left) and Jean-Claude Juncker, right, meet for a talk about pro-European policies. Kurz has been a supporter of the EU in the past despite his new partner’s distrust of them.

Kurz is the leader of the People’s Party and he joined with the Freedom Party in order to form a government. The leader of the Freedom Party is Heinz-Christian Strache and his stance against the European Union and Muslim immigration paints him as a Nazi to those on the left. It is painful to even see that all one has to do is point and yell “Nazi” and then the other person has to defend themselves as if they were some criminals. Austria is their home and if they do not want ungrateful and obtrusive Muslim migrants flooding in then they should not have to let them in, let alone provide for them on welfare.

The issue behind the Muslim immigration taking place is one that is truly going to split Europe in the years to come. It is only going to get worse as demographic and political changes begin to transform Europe as we know it. What was once a continent of progress and human ability will be reduced to nothing more than mosques and halal markets and the government is only going to attack those who speak out against it.

The people of Europe need to understand that the European Union has not been working in their interests for some time. Their actions to allow in the Muslim migrants with absolutely no plans for assimilation and only appeasement has resulted in nations trying to leave the European Union altogether. With Brexit still in the works, others as well are looking to see what would happen if they took control of their nation once again.

Heinz-Christian Strache is a staunch critic of the EU as well as their attempts to change the demographics of Europe through Islam. His party has joined with Kurz’s to form a working government that is trying to stop the Islamization of Europe through the EU.

Austria’s government serves as a beacon to many on the continent as well as in the world that there is still hope for Europe as many are not just giving in. The people of Austria should take the comments about their potential ban from the presidency extremely personally as their European Union handlers feel as though they are not going to be capable enough to do the job.