Dem Smears Bible Voters

PUBLISHED: 5:06 PM 9 Oct 2018
UPDATED: 5:57 PM 9 Oct 2018

Leftist Who Called America Racist, Sexist And Said ‘F*** Bible Voters’ Holding Fundraisers For Democrats

Laura Gassner Otting has a long history of slandering police, conservatives, and saying, "f*** Bible voters" in an fundraising email.

The president stepped in and made sure the Coast Guard was paid for December.

A Democratic operative has come under fire for writing Facebook posts that claimed America is “racist and sexist,” and even wrote, “f*** the Bible voters.”

As noted by Washington Examiner, two Democratic candidates have solicited the services of Laura Gassner Otting to help lead their campaigns and offer advice on connecting with voters. It cannot be underscored, many would agree, how terrible a decision that has been for the two candidates.

Yet, she held a fundraiser at her home for both of the candidates on two separate days.

Amy McGrath is running in Kentucky‘s 6th Congressional District and former NFL player Colin Allred has launched a campaign in Texas’ 32nd District.

Looking to resonate with Red state voters and appeal to conservatives in the right-leaning districts, it’s unfathomable why these two candidates have allowed Otting to help their campaigns.

Otting, who has labeled herself as being a motivational speaker, has a long history of making disgusting and salacious comments about Christians, police, and those who support the Second Amendment.

She is also staunchly against President Donald Trump, and has sent out numerous Facebook posts attacking people who supported him.

In a post on Aug. 14, 2017, Otting went on a vulgar diatribe smearing white males, Bible voters, and those who support the president.

(***WARNING: The content below features very vulgar language that is deeply offensive to many.***)

One day after  Trump won the 2016 presidential election, she published another rant claiming that America is more sexist than it is racist.

Her comment undoubtedly was aimed at attacking and smearing the roughly 63,000,000 people who voted for Trump.

This post also contains offensive language, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as the aforementioned post.

So, Democrats are now holding fundraisers with a woman who said America is “racist and sexist.” She also smeared Christians, and wrote in another Facebook post, “f*** the Bible voters.”

Aside from how disgusting her comments are, it’s also worth noting that she’s apparently has no earthly idea about leading political campaigns.

Both McGrath and Allred claim to be running as moderate Democrats who will work with Republicans if it can help the people in their districts.

But, Otting apparently hates police, the Second Amendment, those who support candidates who prioritize their faith, and Trump — which won’t sit well with many voters in these right-leaning districts.

As many would agree, Otting appears to be nothing more than a bitter, far-left activist who espouses hateful rhetoric for attention.

Rather than bring people together, it seems she would rather libel and attack everyone who doesn’t share her radical liberal viewpoints.