Progressive Official Slapped

PUBLISHED: 4:29 PM 31 May 2019

Leftist Official Who Destroyed Christian Bakery Ousted By Voters

The Oregon Labor Commissioner imposed astronomical fines on a bakery that refused to serve a lesbian couple and another business that wouldn’t cater to transgender individuals, and now, he has lost big time in a recent election.

his brand of politics (if you don't agree with it you can't work or live in peace) was rejected!

Progressives aren’t concerned with equal rights, many people argue. They are only concerned with imposing their ‘enlightened’ view on everyone around them, regardless of the other person’s rights under the First Amendment.

But, voters are getting sick of being told that they’re racist bigots because they hold to their religious convictions and want criminal illegals out. And one Oregon liberal learned that his hard line hate stance was too much for even the leftist state.

CNN reported:

Oregon Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian, who came to national attention for heftily fining a local bakery that refused to make a wedding cake for a lesbian couple, lost.

Avakian, a champion of the LGBTQ community, was running for Secretary of State.

As labor commissioner since 2008, Avakian often made news for his tough calls against businesses discriminating against gay and transgender customers.

The most noteworthy was when Sweet Cakes by Melissa refused to make the wedding cake for the same-sex couple in 2013, citing the owners’ religious beliefs.

Shop owners Melissa and Aaron Klein were ordered to pay $135,000 in emotional damages. They were also told they couldn’t refuse customers based on sexual orientation. [A court upheld the fine, calling the couple ‘mentally raped.’]

Melissa Klein [rightly argued] the ruling stripped the couple of their First Amendment rights. “According to the state of Oregon we neither have freedom of religion or freedom of speech,” she said in a Facebook post at the time.

“Sweet Cakes by Melissa” eventually shut down completely, though their Facebook page remains active.

Avakian was also responsible for slamming a $400,000 fine on a Portland bar owner who refused service to transgender customers, according to the Oregon Live.

In his bid for Secretary of State, Avakian promised a push for “progressive values” like wage equality and reproductive freedoms. His conservative opponent promised to adhere to the position’s basic, more traditional roles, like auditing public records and officiating elections.

In the end, the opponent, Dennis Richardson won 48% of the popular vote, beating Avakian by nearly 100,000 votes.

The victory makes Richardson the first Republican to win a statewide office in Oregon since 2002.

Do you see the shift here? Even liberals in Oregon are waking up to the fascist ideals pushed by ‘progressives.’

They say that no one’s opinion but their own matters. They say you can’t worship your God and follow the tenets of your religion if someone else (completely unconnected to you) doesn’t like it.

They say that you must follow their ideas about ‘equality,’ and if you don’t, you lose your right to live, work, or exist in peace. They will crucify you in the public arena, vilify your ideas, and threaten your family and your life.

That is the opposite of liberty. It is the opposite of tolerance. It is the opposite of logical co-existence.

It is slavery.