Left Melts Down

PUBLISHED: 4:20 PM 10 Jul 2018
UPDATED: 4:24 PM 10 Jul 2018

Leftist Meltdown Over Trump Supreme Court Nominee

The political left is melting down over the idea that Brett Kavanaugh will take Anthony Kennedy's place on the United States Supreme Court.

Leftists around the nation melted down after Donald Trump announced his new pick to the United States Supreme Court. It was hilarious for most to watch, and quite amusing.

For days, many American citizens have been waiting with baited breath to hear President Donald Trump announce his choice for the United States Supreme Court seat vacated by retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy, long considered the court’s ‘swing vote.’ President Trump chose Brett Kavanaugh, surprising many after the Washington Post rumor leaked that Thomas Hardiman had won the nomination.

Many believed that the left’s response to the nomination, whoever it might be, would be absurd and exaggerated. After all, the media had already told them to fear that the new justice would undo Roe v. Wade and rob them of their precious right to kill unborn children. In fact, pre-printed signs were made up for paid protesters. However, few could have predicted the derangement that would unfold online and on social media networks.

Leftists politicians, celebrities, and organizations simply could not help themselves. In their rush to malign the career of a man who they knew little to nothing about. Many people fear Kavanaugh’s family could become a target of deranged, instigated liberals.

Incidentally leftists, you had your chance to make sure that a liberal interpreting judge was nominated during the 2016 election.

Perhaps the most hilarious statement came from the leftist ‘Women’s March’ organization, who tweeted their press release within minutes.

The press release they tweeted clearly showed that it had been entirely pre-written, as had the statement under it, as the tweet was missing any mention of Kavanaugh, and instead read “in response to Donald Trump’s nomination of XX.”

Nothing says quality advocacy work like pre-writing a press release and making sure that it is as general as it can possibly be, so it applies to anyone even somewhat right-leaning in their politics.

To be fair to the Women’s March, they didn’t really seem to have filled in their complaints with Donald J. Trump beyond ‘he said some vulgar things about women in private,’ so it seems that forgetting to fill in the blanks may be a structural issue with the organization.

CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin suggested that viewers should think about how Hillary Clinton and Merrick Garland felt watching the nomination of another justice to the Supreme Court.

Likely, they felt about the same as they did when they found out that the American people and their representatives had no need for either of their services.

Newsweek, ever the unbiased source of information, complained that the President’s pick for SCOTUS once called Hillary Clinton a ‘b***h,’ according to a book.

Hard-left leaning Vox complained that by nominating a right-leaning judge to replace the ‘swing vote,’ the pick will ‘drastically’ shift the court to the right.

Talk about ‘breaking’ news.

The ‘swing vote’ they are so quick to laud was actually supposed to be a strong conservative. Kennedy was nominated by Reagan, but he soon showed his hidden leftist bent in a variety of cases.

Michael Moore, a famed socialist filmmaker with five expensive homes and a penthouse in New York City, complained about Kavanaugh’s background. Specifically, he complained that the attorney-turned-judge worked with Kenneth Starr on the impeachment of Bill Clinton, helped George W. Bush’s campaign win the case Bush v. Gore in front of the USSC, and worked in both of the Bush White Houses.

Elizabeth Warren, likely still desperate to distract from the fact that she still cannot prove her repeated claims of being part Native American, complained via Twitter as well.

She maligned Kavanaugh’s record as a judge and a lawyer (despite her own questionable legal background and her misrepresentation of herself as a Native American) and claimed he was against health care for millions, the CFPB, and more. She also said that without even hearing his answers to questions, she would be voting no.

Of course, there’s nothing in his record that shows he’s against ‘health care for millions;’ rather, he’s against government enforced health care, controlled by the federal government at the expense of the taxpayer.

As for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which was designed by Warren, he’s against it because it’s a wildly unconstitutional agency (which, incidentally, was her and Obama’s design for it). It was created by the Dodd-Frank bill, and it has done little but harass small banks, steal citizen’s back information, and pay liberal supporters millions of taxpayer kickbacks.

The CFPB is an ‘independent’ government agency, and the left had hoped that it would be one that they could use to meddle in free trade in the United States. It took a ruling from a federal court to stop the leftists inside the agency from simply appointing ‘acting directors’ to do what they wanted without possibility of oversight from the executive or legislative branches of government.

The left’s anger over the choice isn’t shocking. After all, they’ve been told that Trump is evil, anyone to the right of Hillary Clinton is a Nazi, and Roe v. Wade will be undone magically if Kavanaugh takes his seat.

Meanwhile, those same leftists subvert actual, enumerated constitutional rights, like the Second Amendment, and complain that states should be able to do so without federal involvement.

As the left continues to tear their hair out and rend their clothing over President Trump’s second nomination to the Supreme Court, they’re showing precisely why he should get a third (and maybe more).