Paid Protestors Admitted

PUBLISHED: 6:38 PM 8 Oct 2018

Leftist Media Admits ‘Some’ Protestors Paid To Create ‘Viral Moments’

Protestors were organized to disrupt everything.

Anti-Kavanaugh protesters gather at Capitol Hill.

One of the more alarming moments from the spectacle surrounding Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination process was when two emotional women (one an illegal alien) cornered and berated Sen. Jeff Flake in an elevator on Sept.28.

It should come as no surprise that some of the people crowding the halls that day were not motivated by their own anger, but were actually paid to create “viral moments,” according to Fox News.

Many conservatives knew that the outrage was bought and paid for, but it’s amazing to most that the liberal media is admitting it.

During an interview on ABC’s This Week on Sunday, Vice News D.C. Bureau Chief Shawna Thomas indicated that some of the people protesting at the capitol were paid to be there, Fox reported.

When White House correspondent Jon Karl asked Thomas about the protesters, she said that while some of the people gathered at the Capitol were genuinely angry, others were paid to “organize.”

“And that moment with Jeff Flake on the Hill . . . we talked to one woman who worked for UltraViolet who was paid. She helped steer people in the right ways to be able to confront senators,” she said.

She went on to say, “There were people who were paid by organizations like UltraViolet to try to harness that energy in a way that would make the viral moments that we ended up seeing.”

UltraViolet is a women’s advocacy group that focuses on women’s issues and was vehemently opposed to Kavanaugh’s nomination, so it’s no surprise to find out that they paid organizers to “harness energy.”

The mainstream media ran wild with that “viral moment” of the two women verbally assaulting Flake in an attempt to generate emotion and sway public opinion about Kavanaugh. While the tactic didn’t prevent Kavanaugh from becoming a justice in the high court, it delayed the voting process, which was a key factor in Democrat strategy.

After catching some flak online about her remarks, Thomas attempted to clarify her statement on Twitter by pointing out a slight difference between people who are paid to organize and paid protesters.

“I said there were some official organizations in the mix who have staff & consultants that were part of these protests. And some of them were helping individuals with tactics. That is not the same as ppl being paid to protest who don’t care about this issue,” she shared on Twitter.

It’s a fine line, but that is not what she said during the interview.

From what she did say during the interview, thinking individuals can determine that the viral moment with Flake was not a spontaneous incident involving random sexual abuse survivors, as it appeared to be. It was instead a contrived episode that ended up shining a light on just how far the Democrat Party will go to get its way.

CNN reported that Ana Maria Archila and Maggie Gallagher were the two women who rushed past Capitol security and confronted Flake. Archila is the co-executive director of the Center for Popular Democracy, an organization that promotes progressive politics. The group’s goal is to “envision and win an innovative pro-worker, pro-immigrant, racial and economic justice agenda.”

During an interview on MSNBC on Friday, Archila confirmed that she worked for the group. When anchor Hallie Jackson asked her if she was a paid professional, Archila said she was.

“I work for a community organization. I work for a network of community organizations,” she said. She also said that it was her “job” to organize people, apparently just like the kind of organizing Thomas referred to in her interview.

When asked about President Donald Trump’s tweet claiming that the “elevator screamers” were paid professionals, she said that if the president wanted to know whether she worked for a social justice organization, the answer was a definitive “yes.”

Liberals everywhere, including the mainstream media, are praising the courage of the women who confronted Flake. They are promoting their outbursts as acts of heroism. It’s astonishing to many people that the intimidating tactics liberal activists use are considered noble.

Many people wonder if there would there have even been a protest if no one was paid to be there?

Democrats, still reeling from the 2016 presidential election, are pulling out all the stops to wage war against Republicans, and if it means resorting to paying protesters to accost elected officials or incite violence in the streets, so be it. It appears to many people that there is nothing they won’t do to get their way.