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PUBLISHED: 6:33 PM 27 Sep 2018
UPDATED: 6:34 PM 27 Sep 2018

Leftist Mayor Under Investigation, Despite Denials

An open records request revealed that some of the records from the mayor's time in office were off-limits due to an active investigation.

A leftist mayor who had repeatedly denied being under investigation, has had his records searched more than 106 times, seemingly as part of a federal investigation.

Leftists in Florida have been excited by the ‘democratic socialist’ candidate for governor, Andrew Gillum, and the prospect that he might manage to defeat republican Ron DeSantis, currently a U.S. Congressman for the state.

Leftists have celebrated that a man who has described himself as being similar to ‘progressive’ Bernie Sanders could be the governor in Florida. However, this ‘favorite’ democratic socialist, the Hollywood elites’ chosen candidate for Florida, seems to have his records tied to an ‘active criminal investigation’ at the federal level and the records have been accessed 106 times.

Questions have continued to crop up concerning Gillum’s current post as Mayor of Tallahassee. The city has been mired in an investigation, and according to a response to an open records request by Politico, it seems that the leftist mayor could be tied up in the problem, despite his claims to the contrary.

There is currently an active federal investigation into Tallahassee City Hall. That investigation, operated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, is looking into the Tallahassee Community Redevelopment Agency, which, in turn, involves a close associate of leftist Gillum’s.

That associate is Adam Corey, a close friend of the leftist mayor’s for quite some time.

Corey is a 38-year-old lobbyist and ‘restaurateur’ who is at the heart of the FBI’s investigation, which has been a 3-year-long corruption probe into Tallahassee’s local politics.

He was friends with Gillum for more than a decade, since their college days. They vacationed together, Corey was his friend’s campaign treasurer, and sometimes their relationship overlapped with the city’s business.

Now, the leftist gubernatorial candidate won’t even talk about his friend, and has cut off all contact with him.

The investigation has centered around the decision by Mayor Gillum, then a member of city council, to vote in favor of a ‘community redevelopment’ investment, worth something like $2 million, for a property that Corey had led the lobbying effort to renovate into a restaurant called the Edison.

The leftist politician voted multiple times in favor of the project, even after he disclosed the potential conflict of interest.

However, when questioned by reports about the investigation, Gillum repeatedly maintained that he was not under investigation by the FBI, and that he had nothing to do with the issue.

Veteran Politico reporter Marc Caputo, however, suggested that the open records request they filed pointed to a different conclusion entirely.

The internet news agency requested, among other items, information related to the candidate’s driving record, as well as a listing of the number of times that his record had been requested and accessed by government or law enforcement agencies.

According to the listing, the records were accessed 106 times.

However, stranger still, the vast majority of the records concerning who accessed them were redacted, citing a public records exemption tied to an active criminal investigation.

In other words, an agency, likely the FBI, is currently looking at Andrew Gillum’s driving record, as part of some sort of investigation.

The republican gubernatorial nominee, U.S. Congressman DeSantis, said earlier this week that when someone governs “that way,” and ends up on “junkets with undercover FBI agents,” and are the subject of a federal ‘pay for play’ investigation.

On the other hand, Barry Richard, an attorney for the leftist mayor, claimed to Politico that the mayor was not under investigation whatsoever, and that government agencies frequently cite that particular exemption when they redact information.

It almost seemed like Richard was suggesting that there was some other reason to investigate Gillum, or perhaps that agents from a county, state, or federal government agency had been less-than-honest when they explained their reason for accessing the information.

While Gillum and people who represent him seem to be less than interested in discussing the investigation, or why there is so much interest in his driving records, and why the Florida Department of Highway and Motor Vehicles can’t even release much of the information under open records statutes, it certainly seems like important information for voters to have.

Caputo seemed to be right on the money when he asked ‘what investigation’ the records were involved in.

The last big political ‘pay-for-play’ investigation caught democrat Rod Blagojevich, a democrat Governor of Illinois, running his own scheme, where he was willing to appoint someone to be the Illinois Senator to fill Barack Obama’s seat until the next election in exchange for financial ‘consideration.’

Of course, it could be related to a completely different investigation, and Gillum and company could be right that he’s not being investigated for anything related to Corey.

That wouldn’t inspire any more confidence in informed voters, most people agree, however.