Republicans Doxxed

PUBLISHED: 4:48 PM 28 Sep 2018

Leftist Insider Covertly Attacks Republican Senators During Hearings

During hyper-partisan hearings on Christine Ford, a member of the House was busy posting personal information of Republican politicians to lash out at them.

A leftist insider covertly attacked republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee by posting their personal information to Wikipedia during the hearing.

Yesterday was the day of the much-awaited Christine Blasey Ford testimony in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee, where she showed that she still had no corroboration for her claims, though she stood behind them. Throughout the hearing, she was asked leading questions by leftists like Feinstein, while Republicans seemed happy to talk through their intermediary.

During the hearing, however, leftists, perhaps angered that people would dare to question such serious accusations, took aim at the GOP senators. A number of republican Senators were ‘doxxed’ during the hearing, and had their personal information posted on Wikipedia and other public sites. These GOP senators were attacked in real time, by an ‘insider’ using the House’s IP address, as they commented and testified.

To say that yesterday’s hearing was contentious and did little to break up partisanship in the United States Senate Judiciary Committee would be a vast understatement.

However, it seems that some unknown person apparently located in the House of Representatives used the hearing as an opportunity to post the personal information of a number of republicans.

Impacted Senators included Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, as well as Mike Lee and Orrin Hatch of Utah.

A spokesman for Hatch’s office, in a statement to the Daily Caller News Foundation, said that the leftist appeared to be targeting republicans in the SJC after they questioned Kavanaugh.

That staffer also pointed out that when they revealed Senator Hatch’s home address and phone number, it was his wife’s birthday.

According to Caleb Hull, editor for the Independent Journal Review, Mrs. Hatch received phone calls nonstop from angry leftists.

@Congressedits, a bot account that watches Wikipedia for changes to articles made by IP addresses related to the House, caught the ‘anonymous’ revisions.

Usually, the account is used to keep the House honest, and to ensure that they’re not attempting to change Wikipedia articles for their personal benefit.

Yesterday, however, it caught three edits to Wikipedia pages from House IPs, which changed the pages to show personal information about Senators.

A staffer for Lee confirmed that the information posted to his page was the Senator’s home address and personal phone number.

Although a Graham spokeswoman did not immediately comment, the information posted on his Wiki page matched a list of personal addresses for the Senator.

Shortly before Lindsey Graham’s personal information was posted, he condemned democrats, and the way they were utilizing claims with no corroborating evidence.

Senator Graham, who served in the Air Force as a Judge Advocate General (essentially, a military lawyer) before entering private practice, declared that what democrats hoped to do was “destroy this guy’s live, hold his seat open, and hope you win in 2020.”

He pointed out that they, themselves, had said as much, and told them to tell Supreme Court Judges Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor “hello” from a man who reached across the aisle and voted for them.

Raj Shah, a White House Spokesman, tweeted out that the churlish response from an angry leftist was “outrageous,” and urged them to stop.

Thankfully, Wikipedia removed the changes in fairly quick order.

Now, the important task is to identify, punish, and perhaps even prosecute whoever is responsible.

It shouldn’t be too hard for the United States government to figure out who, precisely, responded so outrageously to republican Senators who called out a leftist scheme to undermine a nominee with extremely questionable allegations.

That person, and their employer, should be held to account for this absurdly petty decision.

Even before this information was made public, republicans on the committee had received numerous threats from deranged leftists, perhaps worked up to a frenzy due to allegations that Kavanaugh would undermine Roe v. Wade and other cornerstones of the progressive judicial agenda.

So far, there is no evidence to support any claim made against Kavanaugh by the three women who have identified themselves.

In many ways, the allegations bear a striking similarity to what Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas faced from leftists, which he decried as a ‘high-tech lynching.’

The way that the left has handled this confirmation hearing for a justice to the United States Supreme Court has been, from beginning to end, petty and dishonest.

Kamala Harris and other democrats spread heavily edited ‘quotes’ to portray Kavanaugh as a judge who would make birth control illegal, then fund raised off those claims.

Cory Booker threatened to release ‘classified’ documents, which he claimed showed the appointee in a negative light, and called it a ‘Spartacus’ moment, even though he knew the documents had already been declassified and approved for release.

Dianne Feinstein, of course, sat on what she once called a credible allegation of sexual misconduct by the nominee, and didn’t come forward with it until six weeks after she received it.

This confirmation process has repeatedly veered into the absurd. The doxing was just the latest example.

Thankfully, it might all come to an end later today, if Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed to the SCOTUS.