Dems Believe 'Sick' Lie

PUBLISHED: 3:56 PM 19 Mar 2019
UPDATED: 3:57 PM 19 Mar 2019

Leftist Group Circulates Lie About Dying Migrant Child ‘Refused’ Treatment

Apparently, all anyone needs to do is circulate a lie about a dying migrant child and democrats will run with it.

The tweet wasn't true, according to ICE. The agency does not refuse treatment to children, but that didn't stop democrats from stirring the fervor and supporting the lie.

Liberal activist group RAICES circulated a lie claiming that Immigration and Customs Enforcement was refusing treatment to a sick child in custody.

The fact that a father would drag his child across a continent doesn’t bother these people, nor dose the truth about detainment.

The claim that ICE is housing a sick infant originated in a tweet thread over the weekend.

RAICES asserted that they are in contact with a father who said his baby is suffering from “nonstop diarrhea,” “stomach pain” and is unable to eat, and that the ‘family’ is supposedly being held at the Karnes detention center in Texas.

RAICES is a nonprofit group that provides legal services to illegal immigrants who try to break the law and enter the country as freeloaders.

As expected, a number of democrats jumped right on the bandwagon without bothering to fact check the outrageous lie.

“This is inhumane,” Democratic Texas Rep. Veronica Escobar wrote.

Many people argue it’s ‘inhumane’ to be so stupid.

That seems like another boldface lie.

ICE committed a comprehensive check and denied that there was any such child.

In a statement released Monday, ICE indicated that they “completed auxiliary wellness checks over the weekend” to determine if a child exhibiting the aforementioned symptoms was in custody at Karnes.”

“ICE officials completed auxiliary wellness checks over the weekend & confirmed that no child currently in custody at the Karnes FRC is exhibiting signs of dehydration, nor was any resident seeking medical attention for a child with the symptoms described in the anonymous reports,” the agency stated.

The Daily Caller reported:

In August, an immigration lawyer falsely accused ICE of allowing a child to die from respiratory illness in the Dilley Family Detention Center in Texas. After ICE disputed that report, the lawyer updated her claim to indicate that the child died after she left ICE custody.

So, lying about dying children to further a leftist narrative that seeks an infusion of ignorant and dependent voters is just a matter of course for democrats, apparently.

There is no sick child being refused treatment.

The only misery any child is undergoing is at the hands of their misguided parents who subjected them to these conditions in the midst of violent killers, not ICE.