Dems Urge Caution

PUBLISHED: 8:43 PM 11 Apr 2018

Leftist Billionaire Pushes Impeachment, Obama-Era Officials Urge Caution

Two former administration officials say dems should wait until they have “demonstrable case.”

Tom Steyer is a one-man show trying to impeach President Trump.

Those annoying Tom Steyer commercials calling for President Trump’s impeachment are bothering just about everyone these days—including top democrats.

Recently, both Eric Holder and David Axelrod (frequently seen on CNN) have criticized Steyer for his repeated calls to impeach Donald Trump. It seems that these two are waking up to smell the coffee, realizing that calls for impeachment just won’t work. On the Sunday political news shows, these former Obama officials blasted Steyer, who many see as a left-wing kook, for his relentless pursuit.

Steyer seems more and more frustrated, as he continues—unsuccessfully–to try to lobby fellow liberal democrats to oust Trump from office. Many other democrats are realizing that impeachment cannot be used as a political tool.

The 60-year-old Steyer is a former hedge fund manager and leftist billionaire from California. Since 2016, he has put over $100 million of his own cash into political campaigns.

The Washington Post interviewed him earlier this year; Steyer is intent on two things: ending republican control of the U.S. House of Representatives and impeaching Donald Trump.

There are rumors that Steyer will run for either California governor or for the Senate in 2018, but he refutes the rumors, saying that instead, he will keep his laser focus on impeaching the sitting POTUS.

Steyer has doled out millions of dollars specifically to fund his national impeachment campaign, referring to Trump as a “danger to the United States.” In Steyer’s view, the president simply must be impeached.

In these television ads, Steyer identifies himself as an “American citizen.” What he fails to tell people is that he is a billionaire hedge fund manager with more in common with Donald Trump than he’d like to acknowledge.

Steyer then proceeds to run through a list of impeachable offenses, saying the president nearly involved America in a nuclear war with North Korea. Those with the opposite view of Steyer, like Laura Ingraham, would say that it was Trump’s tough stance that brought North Korea to the negotiating table.

Steyer also accuses Trump of obstructing justice at the FBI and taking money from foreign governments (presumably meaning Russia). Of course, none of Steyer’s ads mention the hundreds of millions in pay-to-play money that filtered through the Clinton Foundation.

Steyer says that Trump is in direct violation of the Constitution, but never elaborates on why. Finally, he says Trump should be impeached because he has “threatened to shut down news organizations that report the truth,” presumably referring to CNN, MSNBC and other liberal news outlets.

Steyer has a few nutty democratic conspirators, including Rep. Al Green (D -Texas), who did introduce articles of impeachment on the House floor. His colleagues quickly tabled that discussion.

Steyer can also count on the seemingly unbalanced Rep. Maxine Waters (D-California), who says she won’t rest until Trump is impeached.

It seems that Steyer’s supporters are definitely dwindling. Axelrod advised democrats to use caution regarding impeachment talk; there needs to be a clear case for impeachment, and in Axelrod’s view there isn’t one.

Axelrod said that American democracy matters and that impeachment can’t be the norm and should not be used as a political tool, but instead reserved for matters of principle.

Eric Holder was Obama’s first attorney general. He echoed Axelrod saying that the midterm elections should be a referendum on the Trump administration’s accomplishments and that people like Steyer should not muddy the waters by making the midterms about anything else—like impeachment.

Republicans actually agree—for once—with Axelrod and Holder. In fact, they’ve been able to raise quite a bit of money and energize the conservative base who think that people like Steyer have gone way, way too far.

However, Steyer just won’t listen. He has already responded to both Axelrod and Holder on Twitter, continuing his rant about Trump already having committed eight impeachable offenses. Steyer even sent both of them a link to his impeachment petition.

Steyer asked the two what they were waiting for, and chided them for not yet signing onto the impeach Trump bandwagon.

Axelrod doubled down in the Twitter war, saying that impeachment may come at the end of a credible investigation, but that it should not be used as Steyer and others insist.

If Steyer continues, Axelrod says he’s just as guilty as Trump is in some ways. Axelrod said it’s never a good idea to take a dig-in-your-heels approach because chaos will likely ensue.

Even crazy Nancy Pelosi (D-California) has told Steyer to back off, telling him that his efforts were a distraction and were not helpful while the Mueller investigation is ongoing.

Still, Steyer remains steadfast and undeterred, and is even infuriated that so many of his fellow California party members don’t support his impeachment goals: “Those who condemn Trump but do nothing to back their words with action are enabling the damage he is inflicting.”