EPA Leaks Continue

PUBLISHED: 4:15 PM 12 Apr 2018

Leaks Show EPA Staffers Actively Discussing Undermining Pruitt

Insiders say they will continue to leak against EPA's Pruitt.

EPA insiders vow to keep leaking information on Scott Pruitt.

Career liberal officials at the Environmental Protection Agency are threatening “more leaks” until agency head Scott Pruitt is forced out, according to The Daily Caller.

On Tuesday, Pruitt fired a staffer after he was accused of leaking information to the media. In the immediate aftermath, anonymous officials said they will continue leaking to the press until Pruitt leaves the agency.

Mario Caraballo, the deputy associate administrator of EPA’s Office of Homeland Security, was recently fired after an internal review from February found that he failed to identify credible death threats justifying Pruitt’s security spending.

One source claimed the firing won’t stop the leaks.

“This isn’t going to frighten staff; this is going to embolden us to leak more to get these criminals out,” the employee said, referring to Caballo’s firing. “They need to know we’re not intimidated and we’re going to blow the whistle on anything even borderline questionable.”

In response, Wyoming Republican Sen. John Barrasso nuked the leakers, saying they are publicly distributing “sensitive” information about Pruitt’s security detail, making him even more vulnerable.

Barrasso chairs the Committee on Environment and Public Works, which oversees the EPA. He claims that several Obama-holdovers at the agency are deliberating leaking information about Pruitt to force him out.

In recent months, Caraballo and other EPA insiders have been leaking documents showing how much Pruitt has spent on trips and for his heavy security detail.

Pruitt has come under fire for flying first class on trips and hiring extra security officials to serve on his detail. What liberals are not admitting is that Pruitt was forced to spend more money on that because he has received countless death threats.

Many agree lawmakers, regardless of party, should never be wasteful with taxpayer funds. But Pruitt is using the additional money to literally protect himself from crazed liberals who openly speak about killing him.

Making matters worse, with liberal insiders at the agency vowing to continue selectively leaking government documents to the media until Pruitt leaves, the threat to his life could get worse.

Pruitt has managed to get rid of several employees who served under former President Barack Obama at the agency, but he may need to nix even more.